LAN Party: Official WoW video series for beginners

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Blizzard has teamed up with Good Time Society to produce a series of beginner-friendly videos, LAN party, for new World of Warcraft players.

LAN Party: Official WoW video series for beginners

World of Warcraft remains the king of MMORPGs. However, it’s impossible to deny that the game can be daunting for newcomers. Its vast world is teeming with quests, dungeons, raids, and intricate mechanics across 13 classes, specs, talents, items, and consumables. This complexity can easily overwhelm new players, especially without guidance. And so, Blizzard, in collaboration with Good Time Society, a renowned tabletop gaming community, presents LAN Party.

LAN party is a video series that aims to familiarize new players with the expansive realm of Azeroth and beyond. Through a playful and immersive role-playing format, LAN Party not only teaches beginners how to navigate World of Warcraft but also ensures the learning process is enjoyable and accessible.

So far, three videos have been released, each focusing on essential aspects of the game, including questing, dungeoning, and Dragonriding. You can watch them all here:

Role play and questing

Dungeon delving

Dragonriding and racing

What do you think about LAN party? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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