How to Unlock Earthen in the War Within

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Although the future expansion has not yet been released, you might be wondering how to unlock Earthen in The War Within.

How to Unlock Earthen


We created this article based on all the data known at the moment, and we will update it as soon as new information becomes available. 

The Earthen, an intriguing addition, is the first neutral Allied race that both Alliance and Horde players can unlock in The War Within. Even though we already have two types of Dwarves, including Dwarves and Dark Irons, these subterranean folk are unique due to their rocky design and attractive gemstone aesthetic. But the frosting on the cake is that Female Earthens can sport quirky sideburns and beards as if they are real Vikings! 

How to Unlock Earthen in the War Within

At the time of writing, the method for unlocking the Earthen Allied race is a mystery because of a lack of information. However, Wowhead has found a hidden achievement that may provide some clues.

How to Unlock Earthen

The achievement is called Allied Races: Earthen Unlock Requirements, and it outlines the following steps to unlock the Earthen in The War Within, Patch 11.0.0:

1. First, reach level 80 and complete the overall level-up campaign. 

2. Next, earn the United We Stand achievement by completing The War Within following storylines:    

3. Afterward, complete the following side questlines:    

4. Once you meet all the requirements, you will receive an introductory quest typical of all the Allied races from the previous expansions.

Although the community has yet to learn what it will be like, we have some speculations. The introductory questline will likely involve a scenario where we learn more about the Earthen and fight the Nerubians to aid the subterranean people. After completing this storyline, you can turn in the final quest and finally become an Earthen Dwarf!

Anyway, remember that the foregoing requirements may change upon releasing The War Within. Do not despair, though! We will diligently track any alterations Blizzard makes and update this article immediately

Community Opinion

Regarding the community opinion, players suspect that unlocking the new Earthen Allied race will be a grindy and time-consuming process. Even though we do not have to earn a lot of reputation anymore, as it was back in the Legion and Battle for Azeroth expansions, we must still complete quests, which sounds very routine. 

Besides, players think Blizzard should consider refreshing the overall questing system and introducing a more elaborate Allied race, such as the Valarjar, Najas, or Broken Draenei, which would be enticing! What if the Earthen Dwarves are just a stepping stone to the introduction of the coveted Harronir race, and we will see plenty of new content in The War Within? Although it is just our speculation, there is always food for thought.


That is all for now. We hope this article has been informative. If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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