How to find a Quality WoW Endgame Guild in Dragonflight

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World of Warcraft is an MMORPG game. Thus, many goals cannot be accomplished alone and require collaboration with others. Players can look for new teammates when necessary or find a community to explore the endgame content together. While there are plenty of endgame guilds available in WoW, finding a decent one can be challenging. Therefore, today we want to give you some tips on where to look for an endgame community and how to find a decent one.


The first thing you need to do is to decide what type of player you are. Why? Because the type of guild you need will depend on that. WoW offers its players a lot to do. Some people are jacks-of-all-trades but others prefer to focus on one or several activities.

So, before starting your WoW guild search, you should ask yourself: what do you love doing in the game the most? Are you a PvE or a PvP player? Do you raid a lot? Are you a mighty conqueror of Mythic Keystones? Or maybe you just want to have some other people around to chat and have fun together?

Those questions will be your starting point. Just like WoW players, many guilds focus on specific activities as well. Raiders usually fixate on running through raids on different difficulties, completing the corresponding achievements, and farming equipment. It means that WoW raiding guilds will be perfect for players who love spending their time doing everything mentioned above.


Once you’re done with your decision, you know what you want to get out of it. Now it’s time to look. You may start in the game itself. Find some recruitment messages in the chat. They appear quite often and can give you an idea of what guilds there are and whether any of them suits you.

Haven’t found anything good? Don’t worry yet. You can check out the World of Warcraft official forum. There is a separate topic on recruitment. You will see a WoW guilds list with all the information that might be useful to you. That includes name, realm, faction, areas of interest, detailed description, and so on.

Another effective way to reach your goal is to visit A new guild recruitment system has been introduced there recently. There are posts with a short bio containing info on what people do and what kind of players they are looking for. Everything is quite similar to the advertisements you can find on the official forum.

An essential complement is an opportunity to see WoW guild rankings. As you probably know, stores info on in-game characters and guilds regarding their progression. In addition to the description given by a recruiter, you can check if they have defeated certain bosses in specific instances. You can see other stats related to the average Mythic+ score or the diversity of classes present.


Getting into an in-game community is not everything yet. Once you’re there, make sure you feel comfortable. There is a chance that the community you have found does not operate the way it was advertised. Their WoW guild activities may differ from what you’ve expected.

Maybe raiding runs are not held when they’re supposed to? Or the players constantly form the same teams with no room for you? Remember that it’s never wrong to bow out in such cases. Just explain your reasons, express gratitude for being invited, and take your leave. Then you may start your search once again. There is definitely a perfect place out there for you, no doubt.

And if there is not, you can always create a guild of your own. Make your own rules, choose a unique development path, and invite people you want to play with. You can even introduce your own WoW guild culture and live up to it. And guess what — you can organize the recruitment process with the same methods used for searching. That includes and everything else we’ve already discussed.


Now let’s go over the search process once again:

We also want to share some tips that you may find useful. They can make your search process more comfortable and help you avoid some common mistakes.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about looking for a decent endgame guild in World of Warcraft. Good luck with your search!

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