How to find a reliable WoW Boosting Service?

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So, you want to get a boost in your favorite game? Maybe you want that Glory mount you’ve been eyeing for the past 3 years, or you’re short on time but you want that Ahead of the Curve achievement? Whichever shall it be – there’s always someone willing to help you achieve your goals for a little something-something for themselves. Enter the boosting services.

Today I want to tell you how to choose a boosting service provider for yourself with a few easy to follow steps.

Step 1: Find a website.

Finding a credible boosting service is actually pretty easy, since this business is actually much bigger than you probably think, and the biggest and most reliable services all reside within the first page of google search for “World of Warcraft boosting”.

Step 2: Check the reviews.

Before proceeding any further you should check the review on the website you found. Most legit services use a Trustpilot widget. I won’t say that it is impossible to fake reviews there, but it isn’t easy either. Also, you can really spot when a website fakes their reviews. If all the reviews are quite long, praising, and yet lacking in detail regarding the boosts – good chances are that you are looking at fake reviews. Real users rarely go into detail about their orders but will namedrop the service they got, and it’s not a bad thing. Trustworthy websites usually start at 3,000 reviews with 4.5 average rating at least.

Step 3: Ask customer support for help.

Even if you know exactly what you are looking for – it’s not a bad idea to “play dumb” and ask customer support for full guidance: from finding the service you are looking for, all the way to confirming your purchase. Big and trustworthy sites would have their customer support be polite and helpful to every customer. In a scenario where you are left hanging or even insulted after contacting the CS, you’ve probably found yourself in the wrong place. You can safely go back to step 1.

Step 4: Make sure your information is safe.

This is a hard one, to be honest. If you are reading this, then you are probably aware that some activities can only be completed solo, like the Mage Tower, and you’ll have to give boosters access to your account in order to get it done. It’s really hard to make sure your info won’t get into harmful hands, even on a big site, so it’s really your decision. Just make sure to sum up the results of all above-mentioned steps and make your mind if a boosting service looks trustworthy enough.

In case of group activities you often might find yourself with a choice of how the boost to be executed. There’s the account-sharing or “piloted” that I just told you about, but there’s also a “self-played” boosting. In “self-played” you are invited to a boosting group and get to see and play the content yourself. This method is way some safe in terms of account information safety, and generally more thrilling, but it comes at a cost. A literal cost. Self-played is almost always more expensive than account-sharing due to human factor. Boosters within a group know each other all too well, and therefore cut mistakes to an absolute minimum, and if you were to play with them yourself – you’d become a wildcard. There might a boss mechanic that you don’t quite get and that lack of knowledge might lead up to a raid wipe. In order to be prepared and compensate for this factor the boosting service providers usually crank up the price on self-played options.

Step 5: Check the pricing.

The thing with boosting pricing is that both extremes are equally bad, except for different reasons.

When the prices overall on a website are too low, that could mean a few things. Firstly, there is a possibility that the workforce is underqualified, like boosters that have just started and are unexperienced. Yes, they will probably get the job done, but it might take them a whole lot of your time and resources. Professional boosters, on the other hand, know what they are doing and how much it costs them and you. Secondly, your account-safety might be compromised. Cheap boosts usually involve pugs, and it’s not safe because some randoms could potentially report you, if they catch you or your character slacking in the raid or a dungeon.

When the prices are way too high, you are most likely dealing with outsourcing. If you were to buy a service for a highest price on the market expecting the most premium treatment, when in reality, your order would probably be outsourced to a good middle-range boosting service that will get the job done, meanwhile the boosting service you went to will simply keep the difference.

Step 6: Making sure the payment is safe.

If you didn’t quite catch it by now, this whole article is telling you about how to deal with RMT boosting services, and therefore making sure that your payment is safe is a crucial step. Here’s what you need to know: the trustworthy websites would always have PayPal as their main or, at least, one of payment options. It is important because PayPal support would always help you get your money back if you were to be scammed. Make sure not to use some sketchy payment options like cashapp or direct transaction. And most importantly make sure to never-ever give your credit card information to anyone in a dialogue, be it customer support, boosters or even the CEO of boosting website.

Step 7: Check website’s refund policies.

This one is pretty simple. Top of the line website will always help you in a troubling situations: if you would accidentally miss a raid due to a greater force – a good website will assign you a new one, if you would not get your desired mount within the given ETA – a good website will ask you if you want booster to keep trying to get it until they get the mount or refund you fully on the first notice, etc. Not so good websites on the other hand would probably tell you that it is your own fault and refund you nothing.

Step 8: Check if the website provides streaming of their services.

Yet again, the trustworthy websites usually have an option for your order to be live streamed to you in a private stream. When a boosting service is confident in their work and not afraid to show the process to you, this alone adds a whole lot to their credibility score.

Step 9: Check the website for trial services.

Trial services are usually the most safe way to get familiar with how the website works. They are usually very cheap, require minimum effort from you, and don’t ask for your account information.

Step 10: Should you be afraid of a ban?

So, let’s say you found a perfect service for you. You are ready to buy it, but you are afraid that it might get you banned. Well, in reality there’s nothing to fear. Blizzard would ban your account only if you were a constant offender with multiple violations. Even if you are caught getting a boost you’d probably only get a notice or a temporary ban for a week or two, meanwhile it’s the booster who might get a full-on ban. But the thing with the good and experienced boosting services – is that they do everything in their power to not get you even suspected in the first place. Starting from making a play in game, where it would seem that you were invited to the raid just because you needed some help and never mentioning any purchases, to custom VPN-like software that redirects data making it look like it’s you playing the game on your home IP-address, instead of the booster that actually plays it at the moment.

In the end, if you are certain that the boosting service you found is legit and trustworthy – there’s almost nothing to be afraid of.

By following these simple steps you can easily find yourself a perfect boosting service that will help you on your WoW journey fast, stress-free and efficient.

Here at WowVendor, we prioritize your account-safety, give guarantees and have clear refund policies. We’ll make sure that your WoW boost will be fast, safe and enjoyable.

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