WoW Shadowlands Gold Farming Guide

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How to get a lot of gold in WoW? This question has always been so important that it can be named a philosophical one. But as there is no better philosophy than practice, be sure to immediately test this Shadowlands gold farming guide! Or at least be ready to check if your player’s needs can be satisfied through the purchase of one of our WoW services.


One of the most traditional ways to farm gold is to uncover the true potential of professions. Current expansion is not the exception, especially in the case of gathering professions. In fact, this type of WoW gold farming was getting more and more popular ever since the game became full of ways to speed up the process of gathering.

First of all, you can learn both Mining and Herbalism and go on a trip through the beautiful Shadowlands in search of their hidden and expensive true beauty. A Sky Golem or a Druid Flight Travel form are gonna be especially useful as they give a possibility to do Herbalism without having to get off the mount. Miners are not that happy as they were in Battle for Azeroth, when they had an item that gave them this possibility too.

Another way would be to take one of the crafting professions and a single gathering one.

For instance, Alchemy has remained to be one of the most profitable ones due to the high demand of various potions. And Inscription is crucial nowadays, because a farm of reputations with different factions hugely depends on it — and there is no need to say how useful it is for the craft of legendary items.

Whatever choice is made, you’ll need to get familiar with the main targets of the Shadowlands gold farming. And, what’s even more important — the best places to do it.

Gathering targets and spots

The market is vivid and every kind of grass and ore obtained by gathering professions may be useful. From the materials that can be found only in particular locations to the common ones — like Nightshade, Death Blossom, Laestrite Ore and Elethium Ore.

The choice of location is crucial. Of course in practice it would depend on how busy would be this or that spot — which makes it necessary to have a vast choice of farming spots. Besides, it can depend on your choice of Covenant and other preferences as a player. But the basic criteria is that a spot mustn’t be too broad and have too many disturbing obstacles like inconvenient relief or mobs that can cause a threat to a lone character.

There are plenty of quite good spots to farm gold in WoW Shadowlands. You can choose South-East of Revendreth — maybe just an area to the east and north-east of Darkhaven. Another location would be an area right to the north-east of Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus and a place between House of Constructs and House of Chosen. About 40000 of gold can easily be made here within a few hours.

Besides, the old content zones mustn’t be forgotten. A demand for various resources of the past expansions is spontaneous and chaotic — some people are too lazy to level up their professions by themselves, some are trying to make gold only on crafting ones, some play on twinks.

Regardless of the reason, a market may suddenly express a need in Elementium Ore — and this is where you will need to travel to Uldum and simply travel around the left, upper and right borders of this location. Try to pay attention to other kinds of crafting materials. Especially to those which are required for crafting old mounts and pets.


Skinning is a gathering profession that is often forgotten about when it is compared to Herbalism and Mining. But it can definitely provide a player with a huge profit. For instance, there is even a possibility of a good group farm: gather your friends nearly in the middle of Korthia, at the place marked by the red cross in the picture. Wish your tank good luck and pull with other two or three damage-dealers all the mobs that are nearby.

This place is good exactly because of a convenient and very fast way to pull a lot of mobs called Shardhide Growler, AOE them at one single place, skin — and happily rush towards the auction on the back of the Brutosaur that someone has surely summoned in Oribos. Legends are told that this spot brings some players about 30 000 gold per hour!

Another good spot for skinning has been brought with the Zereth Mortis location in patch 9.2. Now your targets are the unfortunate Carnivorous Cervid and some of the Vombata Cubs. As always, just pull all the packs of mobs around at a single point from which they won’t run away, kill and skin them.

The task may not be that easy to accomplish, but there are plenty of ways to make it easier. For instance, use something that will increase your movement speed. However, be careful with that. This measure can make you too fast and lose an agro on some of the precious mobs. Well, by the end of solo farm mobs may seem not that precious, but their skins will still bring you about 20 000 gold per hour.

BoE and Transmog

Another very traditional way of gold making that hasn’t lost its relevance in Shadowlands is the BoE and transmog farming.

Veterans of WoW can remember farming gold on packs of mobs in raids of heroic difficulty without any need to go further and farm bosses. Well, that is still applicable to the Mythic raids of Shadowlands. Even to the newest raid — Sepulcher of the First Ones. For example, you can briefly look through the buyout prices of a few BoEs dropping from its trash:

However, this farm will require not only luck but at least some kind of good equipment. But both luck and equipment can be tested in less demanding raids — for instance, Sanctum of Domination. Here are the auction prices for some of its BoEs:

By the way, some of the BoE farm can actually be counted as a farm of transmog too. But basically the last one may become either one of the most exhausting or the funnest ways to gain gold in World of Warcraft. There are simple reasons for it: a possibility to finally visit some of the old locations for the new players, or to refresh memories — for the old ones. Or just a fact that there are really a lot of locations to choose from. And, unlike the raids of high level content, they may be not demanding at all.

Thus, you may consider an option of farming Twilight Cultist camps in older version of Silithus in order to get Teebu’s Blazing Longsword. Buyout price is — no joking — above 1 000 000 gold. Or the Stonerender Gauntlets — simple gauntlets that cost about 25 000 gold on Auction.

The prices do not necessarily depend on type of armor or weapon: Poison-Tipped Bone Spear that is farmed in Maraudon is about 10 000 gold. While the Sunblaze Coif that looks like something classic and drops from the Scarlet Monastery is sold at the price of more than 210 000 of gold. Just check the auction prices and start thinking about a proper route to test, if fortune lets you to become one of the luckiest WoW gold farmers!

Island Expeditions

It has been mentioned how much amounts of gold are hidden in the underserverdly forgotten corners of WoW. But not that time-worn content of Battle for Azeroth expansion allows plenty of ways to farm gold. A way that is simultaneously fast, profitable and may serve as an interesting vivid experience is farm of Island Expeditions. Those who somehow missed them at all will also finally come across memorable mechanics, receive many achievements and have a possibility to loot some pets and mounts.

Island expeditions can now be farmed solo — even on a mythic level of difficulty. Main object of the farm is, again, a transmog that can drop with insane frequency. Then — pets that are easily sold in Auction. Most of this loot is not simply found at the corpses of mobs: you must finish the Expedition to the end, receive a reward paid in Seafarer’s Dubloons, then talk to Captain Nightrunner (Alliance) or Captain Kitt (Horde) and exchange them for different kinds of Salvage crates.

Like many game’s «salvage», this one can appear as a surprisingly good source of gold in WoW: green wrist Saurok Scale Bindings can be sold for 13 000 of gold, and the Plundered Crimson Captain’s Hat — for a price of more than 17 000. Funny companions like Tonguelasher and Juvenile Brineshell are about 1000 and 1500 respectively.

And these are only the cheapest ones! What’s to say about Ghostly Whelping, or the elements of Mrrglurggl set? But be careful: each Salvage’s loot must be studied properly before you choose what set to farm to sell it. It would be quite unwise to expect Mrrglurggl’s set parts to drop from a Vrykul’s Jorundall Salvage crate.

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