How Does it Feel Revisiting WoW After 8 Years?

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How Does it Feel Revisiting WoW After 8 Years?

YouTuber Hat the Bear has shared the genuine feelings of a player returning to WoW after an 8-year absence.

World of Warcraft remains one of the oldest and most resilient MMORPGs in the industry, surpassing many others that have since faded away. Despite ongoing discussions about whether each new MMORPG will topple WoW as the leader in the genre, the game continues to enjoy a strong fanbase and sustain its popularity until today. After all, approximately 2 million players are still logging into the game daily and enjoying what it has to offer.

Over time, WoW has undergone extensive upgrades and changes, from its interface to its mechanics. And over time, it has also lost some of its charm along the way, causing players to depart. But even then, these individuals still keep tabs on how it fares from the sidelines. And one day, they may decide to return to the world they once loved.

Since Dragonflight hit the screen, it has garnered significant praise from both critics and players alike. The expansion has enticed many former gamers to return to WoW. And Hat the Bear is one of them. 

If you’re considering coming back to Azeroth, curious about revisiting a beloved game after a long absence, or simply still enamored since the day it first entered your life, YouTuber Hat the Bear’s video is sure to pique your interest. 

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