Glyph of Jab: Monk’s Jab Is Back in The War Within

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Exciting news for Monk players! Recently, Wowhead has datamined a new cosmetic for Monks: the Glyph of Jab.

Glyph of Jab

The Glyph of Jab may return in The War Within as Wowhead dataminers have managed to dig up its presence in WoW’s 10th expansion. By equipping this Glyph, Tiger Palm will strike your target with your equipped weapon instead of your bare hands as usual. 

Glyph of Jab

Blizzard first added the Glyph of Jab to WoW during Mists of Pandaria and then removed it during Legion. Back in the day, it was a Minor Glyph for Monks. However, its functionality in The War Within differs greatly from its original purpose. Originally, players utilized this glyph to ensure that the animation of their Jab ability maintained its hand-and-fist style even when wielding non-fist weapons. In case you’re being confused, here’s how the two Glyphs of Jab differ:

Glyph of Jab

Blizzard is likely to rename this glyph in the future. Keeping it as the “Glyph of Jab” could potentially confuse players accustomed to its functionality in Mists of Pandaria.

What are your thoughts about the Glyph of Jab as a cosmetic effect item for the Tiger Palm ability? Also, which old spells would you like Blizzard to bring back in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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