Dragonflight: Rares Spawn Schedule

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The WoW community has Reddit user Ranlom874 to thank for providing a comprehensive and accurate spawn schedule of the rare creatures found on the Dragon Isles. Through dedicated research and analysis, the Redditor was able to determine their complete reincarnation cycle.

Patch 10.0.5’s arrival has brought along a lot of news and changes. One of which is the rares’ spawn time. Before, they appeared in random pairs every two hours. But now, the duration has been reduced to a much more frequent 30 minutes. With 28 creatures, the cycle usually takes up to 14 hours. It’s possible to use an add-on like WeakAura to track them. But Ranlom874 has made your work a lot simpler by compiling a spreadsheet of their spawning time on EU servers.

“What about the US?” you may ask. But there’s no need to worry. Redditor saGot3n has created another spreadsheet just for your servers.

These valuable resources provide a convenient way to plan your hunts. Thus, you will never miss an opportunity to encounter these elusive creatures.

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