Personal Blacklist Addon: Get Rid of M+ Leavers

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Lack of coordination. Players don’t fulfill their roles. Tactics are down the drain. So on and so forth. These are the WoW ingredients to cook multiple wipes in your Mythic+ (M+) party. Thus, it leads to impatient teammates who find resolve either in toxic actions or just plainly leaving the dungeon. And you can’t do anything but watch your keystone ruined. Doesn’t this scenario seem familiar? If so, keep reading, for you will discover the solution to your distress with the Personal Black List (PBL) addon.

Personal Blacklist Addon: Get Rid of M+ Leavers
Source: Redditor Morgravensoar

What Is the Personal Blacklist Addon in Wow?

The Personal Blacklist is an addon developed by Xylons and Ayrz. It lets you exclude individuals you no longer want to play with in future gaming sessions. The feature also provides a personalized note section, allowing users to add explanations to their denylist choices. It will notify you if you join a group with individuals on your list. It provides the option to either leave the group or remove them.

The development of PBL continues with the aim of adding other features. The team is working on implementing list backups, exports and imports, and the ability to exclude entire guilds and realms. Despite its usefulness, it only serves as a temporary solution to leavers and toxicity. However, until Blizzard takes the matter into their own hands, PBL will still be a valuable tool to improve your gaming experience.

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This should not exist unless moderated by Blizzard to avoid it being used unfairly. Which already exists and it’s called Ignore. Also if you’re Ignore List is full, you can just report them, and it will have the same effect. But living this on hands of people… you already know it will be used unfairly.

or is itsays:

If the function is similar to ignore, then people can just use Ignore unfairly, and noone really does. Toxic m+ players who just up and leave whenever they feel like it receive no punishment. A blacklist addon is excellent


its personal, u cant share this info, is mostly a note bloc… wth would you want to personal notes be moderated?