Dragonflight 60–70 Best Leveling Route

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A new expansion is a time of excitement, new experiences, and many other things. But if you are the person for whom speed is the most important thing — do not worry, we at WowVendor got you covered. With our Dragonflight Leveling guide, we will show you how to reach that goal in no time.

As it stands right now, if you follow a particular path for leveling, a Dragonflight 60–70 leveling time is going to be around 4 hours. Follow this WoW Leveling route at your own pace to reach the cap in no time.

Please note the information below is based on PTR, therefore subject to change.

Getting ready for the Dragon Isles Expedition

Before we start our adventure, there are several things we need to check and prepare to ensure this is going to be a smooth ride. As you probably figured out already, our Dragonflight 60–70 guide will take you along the main campaign, while mentioning where you need to take detours. But there are also additional things you need to keep in mind, so you do not miss any extra experience.

Keeping those guidelines in mind, we can speak about preparations.

But after getting access to Dragonriding, use it to quickly traverse the distance.

And just so, we are ready to begin.

Lv. 60–61

Start your adventure by completing your faction version of The Dragon Isles Await. This will put you on the main story path of the expansion, so follow it. After completing all the necessary stuff for the expedition, it is time to move to the Dragon Isles.

Get all nearby story missions after your arrival. Completing them will lead you to the expedition’s main camp — Wingrest Embassy. Proceed with the Campaign, while also doing side stuff. After finishing all your tasks, ask Sendrax to escort you to Dragonheart Outpost. Continue with the main story to get enough experience to get Lv. 61.

Lv. 61–62

Keep up with the main scenario, dealing with Wrathion assignments. While doing so, complete a side one — Fighting Fire with… Water (59.0; 34.8). Eventually, your path will lead you to Life-Binder Conservatory. After finishing your business there, do the side quest A Two for One Deal. Take a flight to Ruby Lifeshrine and follow the Campaign. Also, do Stay a While. After finishing your Dragonriding training, you should receive Lv. 62.

Lv. 62–63

As events in Lifeshrine unfolds, do not forget to do a World quest Many Whelps, Handle it. Follow this up by taking and completing the Out for Delivery. Accept the following Amateur Photography to start a chain. Others worth mentioning are: Preserving the Wilds, Competitive Photography, Professional Photography, King Without a Crown, and A Thousand Words. This should be enough to get that Lv. 63.

Lv. 63–64

Fly to Obsidian Bulwark to continue with the story. After that arc, your adventures will take you to Timberstep Outpost. Take Thieving Gorlocs and Sole Supplier there. Completion of some of the Campaign missions here should reward you with Lv. 64.

Lv. 64–65

While moving forward with our Dragonflight 60–70 route, do not forget to complete two side quests you just took in the camp before. You will be able to take a whole chain (Return to Roscha and The Sole Mender are the last ones). At some point, you are going to arrive in Maruukai. Take The Nelthazan Ruins (66; 25) nearby. Follow this quest to get The Relic Inquiry, Tools of the Tirade. Finishing the Campaign in Maruukai should grant you Lv. 65.

Lv. 65–66

Travel to Teerakai, where you can take Up to No-khud (40.8; 61.4). Finish it and follow the whole chain (And Stay Dead! is the last one). At the wanted poster in Teerakai take WANTED: Mara’nar the Thunderous, Elder Nazuun (41.6; 56.6) can give you Signs of the Wind and Land of the Apex. While collecting tokens of Wind, you can activate Skaara (45.2; 48.4). Deliver gathered tokens to start Himia, the Blessed. After finishing all the business outside of the settlement, return to get Rellen, the Learned. Get back to your Campaign — around the time you finish either Taken by Storm or Toting Totems, you should be rewarded with Lv. 66.

Lv. 66–67

Doing side quests and Bonus Objectives is the best way to level 60–70 in Dragonflight faster, so do not miss Prozela Galeshot (59.8; 66.6). On your way back to Maruukai, find a secret waterfall cave with Sunscale Behemoth (63.32; 48.62). Somewhere along the story, find some time to visit Pinewood Post (80; 60) for a side chain. As the story takes you to the borders of Azure Span, do not forget to take Arcane Detection and WANTED: Gorger. Finishing the first of two should give enough exp to reach Lv. 67.

Lv. 67–68

First of all, do not forget to take How to Stop an Exploding Toy Boat and also find that Gorger beast that roams nearby. After the event in Camp Antonidas, take WANTED: Frigellus, Path to Nowhere, and Setting the Defense. Follow the story for a while, and eventually, our fast leveling Dragonflight path will take you to Brackenhide. Do not miss Cascade (23.8; 32.8) on your way there. After reaching Brackenhide, you should receive Lv. 68

Lv. 68–69

Move to the northwest of the map (19; 25) to reach Three-Falls Lookout. Here take and complete It’s Cold Up Here, Nothing for Breakfast, Legendary Foil, The Heart of the Deck, It’s Brew Time!, and the World quest Resupply Three-Falls. Afterward, you can return to Campaign. After finishing the event in Brackenhide, don’t miss Vakril, the Strongest Tuskar (17.2: 41.2). Eventually, you will make it to Iskaara. Here you can do more side quests and get that Lv. 69.

Lv. 69–70

Finish whatever side quest from Iskarra you have left. At some point, you will be sent to reach Rhonin’s Shield. There, take all side quests here as well. Make your way south to complete Riders in the Snow. This is going to start a chain. Do it and move further south to reach Camp Nowhere. Do quests here to finally get Lv. 70.

If you still lack some experience, you can do any side quest you missed in Azure Span, or just continue with Campaign. This easily will give you the necessary experience to reach the cap. We hope this Dragonflight leveling route 60–70 guide was of help to you. If you meet any trouble along the way, we are sure our WoW services can help. Have fun and see you in Dragonflight!

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