Dragonflight 10.1.5: Buy Trader’s Tender with Real Money?

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Dragonflight 10.1.5: Buy Trader's Tender with Real Money?

According to Wowhead’s dataminers, it seems there is a high possibility that players will be able to buy Trader’s Tender with real money.

In the latest Patch 10.1.5 PTR build for World of Warcraft, dataminers at Wowhead have uncovered intriguing shop assets. They have come across sets upon sets of Trader’s Tender coins. What caught their attention was the numbers displayed next to these stacks of coins. These images look quite similar to the ones used in the Battle.net shop. Heated speculations sparked across the community. Players can’t help but wonder if Blizzard will allow purchasing this type of in-game currency with real money after all.

Dragonflight 10.1.5: Buy Trader's Tender with Real Money?

Blizzard has yet to give out any information regarding the matter. However, if the Trading Post’s currency does become something you can buy, it’s clear that not everyone will be pleased. Of course, there are players who are excited about the possibilities it could bring. But others are worried about the company’s monetization strategy. After all, many have yet to come to terms with the arrival of WoW Token back in May.

Anyway, it’s worth noting that nothing is set in stone just yet. So, let’s wait and see what Blizzard has in store for fans.

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