Demon Hunter Class Changes in Dragonflight — New Talents and Abilities

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The travelers return from the Shadowlands and begin preparations for the release of the new expansion. Blizzard has redesigned the talent system, and Dragonflight Demon Hunter became a mix of powerful Damage Dealer and Tank. In this article, you will find information about all the class changes and new talents in Dragonflight expansion coming to the Illidari warriors.

Havoc Demon Hunter Changes

It is hard to say that the class has been reworked beyond recognition. A lot of the Covenant abilities, conduit bonuses, and other enhancements have been seamlessly transferred to the talent trees. Now it remains to choose the right build and tweak it to suit you. Major Havoc Demon Hunter Changes:

  1. Sigils/Seals — are now available in both specs, and play a significant role;
  2. Darkness — become a general DH skill with 5 minutes cooldown. You can increase the action time by 3 seconds or decrease the cooldown by 2 minutes with talents;
  3. «The Hunt» skill — works as it did in Shadowlands, but can be used in both Demon Hunter specs.

Seals allow you to debuff enemies, accumulate rage, reduce the damage received and increase the damage dealt. Now, these abilities will become an indispensable part of a rotation.

Havoc Talent Tree

The Havoc Demon Hunter talent tree holds even more interesting additions. Let’s take a look at 3 final talents you will be able to unlock:

1. Essence Break — AoE Chaos Damage skill. Debuff enemies and increase the damage of your Chaos Strike and Blade Dance by 100% for 4 seconds;

2. Shattered Destiny — Metamorphosis form’s duration is prolonged by 0.1 seconds for every 7 units of Fury spent;

3. Any Means Necessary — improves Mastery by changing all single-school magic skills to Chaos.

All 3 directions look decent and allow you to create a unique build. Eye Beam needs to be collected all over the tree to get all speed and critical hit bonuses. Blade Dance has also become weaker without talents, so you will have to think your way through from the beginning.

Vengeance Demon Hunter Talent Tree

We need more sigils! Blizzard has divided the Vengeance Demon Hunter Talent Tree into two areas:

1. Maximum damage — if you choose only the left half, you can collect many damage-dealing and buffing abilities. Consequently, that would result in a loss in sustainability and fewer sigils;

2. More Sigils — the right side allows you to strengthen Immolation Aura, Fiery Brand, and your Seals. For example, the «Chains of Anger» increase the radius of seals by 2 yards.

Players now have the option to create a build through Sigils and «The Hunt» in Vengeance Spec. In the class tree, you choose points to enhance Seals and scatter them underneath you in a huge radius with constant damage. Variability has increased — exactly what Blizzard wanted.

Demon Hunter Nerfs

Players fear that with the release of expansion their favorite specialization will be nerfed. One thing is for sure — no Demon Hunter nerfs stopped so far, and it doesn’t look like happening any time soon. The class is well thought out: the tanks were given more damage and variation, and the Dragonflight Havoc remained roughly the same as it was in Shadowlands. Except it now comes in a less convenient, but more customizable package.

Dragonflight Havoc and Vengeance PvP Talents Changes

Havoc PvP talents did not receive changes except for the «Sigil Mastery» passive ability. It reduces the cooldown of sigils by 25%. The following talents were removed or moved to the tree: Mortal Dance, Demonic Trample, Demonic Origins, Isolated Prey. Vengeance PvP Talents did not get changed in Dragonflight expansion.

Havoc was strong, fast, and almost unkillable in PvP activities in Shadowlands. The powerful burst made it possible to play in a team of two DPS characters and to destroy any enemy in seconds. It looks like that with the release of Dragonflight expansion the situation will not change drastically.

Havoc and Vengeance Demon Hunter Changes & Tips

Blizzard has masterfully combined the good things from Shadowlands with the novelties of a new expansion. Main Demon Hunter class changes: considerably more skills, seals with buffing effects, covenant and legendary skills returned as talents. For example, «The Hunt» ability added to the class tree will increase both specs’ overall DPS and mobility.

So, which WoW Demon Hunter Build is the best as of now? As always, it depends on your end goal, but it is worth paying attention to our tips:

1. Explore before the start — use the Havoc or Vengeance Calculator to choose your path at the beginning of the expansion;

2. Do not be afraid to experiment — Blizzard wants to see the unique approach to a spec from player to player. Points and specs can be swapped out without consequences, allowing you to create a perfect build that fits your needs;

3. Use Shadowlands experience— If you like your current build, it is possible to recreate it within the new talent system. Covenant abilities, legendaries, and conduits are now in the tree, so you can stay in your comfort zone if you want to.

Havoc’s main competitors in the future are Evokers. Want to know why? Pay attention to the Dragonflight Evoker New Class Overview article. There is a detailed analysis of the new class, their abilities, and their mechanics.

Havoc is one of the best classes for gathering, mining, and skinning. High mobility and AoE damage allow you to deal with enemies quickly, gather resources, and not worry about health points. There was also a helpful Dragonflight Professions System article, which detailed all the features and innovations.

Why play as Demon Hunter? Here are some reasons:

1. High Single Target/AoE DPS — rapid burst damage with AoE sprinkled into a combo helps Demon Hunters to always be a threat to anyone looking for problems;

2. Mobility — has a lot of abilities to move quickly and pursue their enemy. This gives them an advantage in PvP and farming;

3. Survivability and Damage Reduction — it is hard to kill a Demon Hunter. Lifesteal allows for self-healing right in battle, and if that’s not enough – DR abilities may come in a clutch;

4. Dynamic gameplay — the combination of all factors makes the class engaging and gameplay action-packed. Even the target combat system can’t hold the pure joy you get from playing as a badass elven ninja armed with wargalives;

5. Easy to learn, Hard to master — Demon Hunters are an extremely beginner-friendly class, but capable of dishing out huge DPS in experienced hands.

If you are still undecided about the class, we advise you to read the article Dragonflight Class Meta Prediction. It allows you to understand who might be stronger at the start of the expansion. Remember that this is just a prediction.

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