Castle Nathria LFR Is Open in Dragonflight

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Castle Nathria LFR Is Open in Dragonflight

Castle Nathria was no doubt one of the most enticing raids in Shadowlands. And for some reason, it’s now open for LFR on Dragonflight live servers.

The lair of Sire Denathrius has once again opened on LFR. This is highly unusual because said difficulty is only accessible when the content is current. In other words, it can only exist during the reign of Shadowlands. And once that expansion was over, so was Castle Nathria LFR. It shouldn’t be available in Dragonflight or any other future expansion that follows. And yet, here we are.

Castle Nathria LFR Is Open in Dragonflight
(Source: Wowhead)

The raid remains the same in terms of boss difficulty and rewards. So, besides nostalgia and transmog collection, there’s no particular incentive to visit it. Players across Azeroth can seize this chance to farm for some new appearances. With enough skills, powers, and well-equipped gear, they will be able to solo the raid. Otherwise, they can queue up with other gamers to experience the old content together.

At the moment of writing, it’s unknown if the LFR will be here to stay. So, if you’re up to a quick run, don your garment and gather your allies. It’s time to confront the King of Venthyr and restore balance to Revendreth.

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