How to find Best WoW Content Creators to follow

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It’s no secret that such an old and yet so popular game as WoW has a big fanbase. However, the massive base of content creators among the fans is crucial too.

The MMORPG genre requires players to be aware of all the game’s frequent updates and little non-obvious features of the current content. Besides, players prefer to receive information on these updates and features from the game experts in a fun and talented way. That’s why there are so many people willing to do this.

You may have often seen different tops of the most popular WoW content creators and heard about Asmongold, DalaranGaming, Maximum, etc. But this text is an attempt to tell about much less loud names. Their content’s quality definitely deserves following them.


Snackybox can be called one of the top WoW streamers just because he streams Vanilla Hardcore. This work requires steel nerves, especially if it’s done in a relaxed and funny manner. Many videos on his YouTube channel have “Experience” in their names, because… Well, it’s really just an amusingly expressed personal experience of the WoW Classic player. Sometimes, with specific elements of Roleplaying.

The same can be said about his streams on Twitch too, but the video editing art enhances the effect. Humor and an extraordinary approach to the game’s various obstacles make the Classic come to life before your eyes.

Kraken Latte

She is one of the most interesting WoW content creators to watch for the ones obsessed with PVE. But not that part of PVE where you jump from dungeon to dungeon in search of equipment suitable to fight Mythic Raszageth. Latte’s channel is for so-called “casuals” who aim to get everything from the world outside relevant instances and all the progress races.

Many videos are focused on quite exotic topics. For example, how and where to get beautiful pieces of Transmogrification equipment. Or, how to fasten Horde quest introduction in Battle for Azeroth expansion. Finally, Kraken Latte provides much fresh and valuable information on the specifics of various professions in Dragonflight.

Narga Aoki

The in-game beauty is good, but the art of Transmog can also be practiced outside. WoW cosplay artists provide such a type of content everyone will enjoy. It would be hard to speak about top cosplayers, so let’s just briefly enjoy the channel of Narga Aoki.

Her cosplay of the Battle for Azeroth version of Jaina Proudmoore is quite well-known, but there’s much more to look at. Inquisitor Whitemane, Tyrande Whisperwind on top of her tiger Ash’alah (yes, the tiger is real), and Frost Lich Jaina, too. What’s even more beautiful, there are videos illustrating the process of creating some costumes. Yet the YouTube channel of Narga Aoki has not been active for the past year, the Instagram is full of new content to enjoy.


One of the best WoW content creators in terms of game lore is definitely Nobbel87. This can be judged by the videos of the two latest months. They perfectly cover the most common questions and details of the current expansion’s plot. With this channel, you can learn what is known about the Primalists by now, the plot specifics related to progress in the Renown faction system, and a few theories on future plot twists. Don’t forget to check the old videos about past expansions too!


WoW blogger TomKek has a very uncommon kind of content. His channel is very young. The author posted only seven videos during the year since the foundation. But these videos are really unique. In them, TomKek offers his view on how to update some old-looking models in WoW.

His “view” is not just an opinion. It’s a complete result of work carried out with modeling tools. A fascinating example is what he did to the Nightsabers mount models, fulfilling many players’ dreams. The most beautiful thing about TomKek‘s job is that he shows its process in detail with comments.

Arthur Lorenz

Many fans try to offer something to the game. This is why some artists tend to draw concepts similar to the ones game developers publish before or after the release of new patches.

Fan artist Arthur Lorenz drew many World of Warcraft concepts. His page on the Artstation contains a separate section devoted to the concept projects of WoW Armor updates. Arthur seems inspired by the idea of Heritage Armor Sets and came up with breaking-down ideas of similar sets for all races. But don’t forget to check the main section too. The only design for Necrolord Zul’Jin won’t leave you indifferent.

Captain Grim

WoW YouTuber Captain Grim deserves to be at the top just because of the series called “in a Nutshell”. That’s not the only type of his content. He also made intriguing Machinimas in the past and even has a funny video devoted to the Warcraft player experience in Final Fantasy XIV. But you won’t be able to pass by his talent to piece together the most telling details of a whole expansion and accompany it with pleasant irony.

Captain Grim can do it either to the expansion gameplay specifics, as he did with Wrath of the Lich King, or to its story, as in the case of Shadowlands. You may disagree with his assessments, but how they are done will certainly make you laugh.


Doronsmovies is one more channel full of lore-specific content. He tries to cover every little detail that can tell players about possible future content. This is why there are so many videos about hints on the new zones and the revamp of the old ones in Dragonflight lore.

The number of WoW theories followed by clickbait headlines and covers sometimes makes him look more like a fan fiction writer. Doronsmovies released more than ten videos on the only Old God theme in the last two months. One of them even predicts Deathwing returning… in a Void form. Be sure to check them all, but beware: ironically, the theories on the Old Gods can drive you crazy.


Unfortunately, the latest video of this WoW YouTuber is about a scandal that happened in the influencer environment in which Barny64 got involved. The last WoW video was released a year ago, but the author regularly streams on Twitch. However, quite old works of Barny64 still deserve attention. They are very well-done video diaries of the author’s Rogue character adventures in the Classic. A perfect example is a series called Barny’s Scarab Lord Adventures.

It’s devoted to the Gate of Ahn’Qiraj event, one of the longest and most remarkable global Vanilla events. Through beautiful editing and ironic storytelling, Barny64 packed all the experiences players receive during that event in a few hours. Everything: from the devastating farm process, raiding specifics, bugs and difficulties that became obstacles — to the plot component. It would be no exaggeration to call it the most fun, nostalgic and informative content on this topic that can also serve as a guide.


You may have got tired of the uncommon types of content. Let’s take a little pause and look at the example of a more usual one. MrGM channel is smaller than the WoW news sources you got used to, but it’s not inferior to them. The author releases the latest news on the current and coming patches in usually short videos devoted to separate narrow contexts. Sometimes they are released daily, but it doesn’t lead to a loss of quality.

Pleasant design and voice follow clear and complete explanations of how new features will work and look. For instance, a regular overview of what’s coming to the Trading Post. The help of MrGM‘s visual examples is difficult to overestimate. Finally, the author’s productivity makes it possible to alternate news videos with guides and, sometimes, theories. Two months ago there was one about the possibility of adding new classes to the Dracthyr race. Even though the forecast for patch 10.0.7 was too optimistic, some facts still make sense and give hope.

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