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We looked at World of Warcraft melee DPS specializations in our previous article. Now we’ll discuss the best ranged DPS in Dragonflight. Some classes that prefer to attack from a distance have received many changes. Those changes may impact the balance of power among different specs. Today we want to create a tier list and make some predictions for ranged DPS meta.


There are 12 ranged DPS specializations in WoW since Evokers have appeared in the game. You can see in the picture above that tiers seem a little class-bound. Every Warlock specialization has made it to S-tier. Both Hunter ranged specs are in the lowest tier. Survival hunter was low on our melee DPS list, as well.

This likely means that those classes have powerful traits in their class talent trees. Warlocks have occupied S-tier, and they may be the strongest among Dragonflight’s best ranged DPS. Let’s not rush, however, and analyze different specs thoroughly.


S-rated specs include Fire Mage and all Warlock specializations. Warlock has many powerful abilities and talents for survivability and mobility in the upcoming expansion. You can now use Grimoire of Synergy, an exceptionally powerful talent, while playing any Warlock spec. The class appears to be astonishingly effective in both single-target and AoE.

Some players may feel a little sad or disappointed by the fact that only cloth-wearing classes have got into S-tier. You have no reason to worry, however. The differences between specs are not so significant as to force you to play a class you don’t like. Just follow your heart!


A-tier specs have flexible skills and talents and can inflict solid damage in different settings. They may have minor issues that do not allow them to be considered a part of S-tier. Still, even those issues create only an insignificant difference.

This tier on our WoW Dragonflight ranged DPS tier list is pretty variable and interesting. A-tier specs demonstrate stability since most of them have preserved their power from previous expansions. Except for Devastation, of course, since Evokers are a totally new class.


Marksmanship and Beast Master Hunters have ended up in B-tier because of a similar problem. Both specs present a challenge related to getting to the bottom of your talent tree. There are many traits and talents you don’t want to ignore and skip. The reason for that is probably the hunter mechanics making some spells enable the others. It will be difficult for hunters to be on top of the Dragonflight ranged DPS meta.

As for Shadow Priest, it might be the spec that has undergone the most alterations in World of Warcraft’s history. It still doesn’t seem that Shadow can get to higher tiers in Dragonflight because of some issues. They mostly refer to how spells work and how the processes of generating and spending Insanity work. Some Insanity-generating abilities are better in terms of damage, others generate the resource faster. Many of those spells are “choose-one” type in the talent tree, and you will likely have to sacrifice either Insanity itself or your overall damage.

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