Awakened Rotation Is “Intended” to Continue. Blizzard Deleted Schedule Information

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Blizzard announced that Awakened rotation is intended to continue until the end of Dragonflight. They have also removed the previously shared schedule for this rotation.

Awakened Rotation Is "Intended" to Continue. Blizz Deleted Schedule Information

Key Takeaways

  • Blizzard confirmed that the Awakened rotation will continue until the end of Dragonflight, contrary to earlier announcements.
  • The original rotation schedule has been deleted from Blizzard’s official post, and only quoted versions remain on Wowhead and in player comments.
  • Players are frustrated and skeptical, believing Blizzard didn’t have time to make all raids Awakened.

Contrary to earlier announcements, not all Dragonflight raids are Awakened in week 7 of Season 4. We are in week 7 now. Yet, many players have taken notice that all raids are not yet Awakened. In response to player Thecheatt’s question about the matter, Community Manager Kaivax said:


We’ve double-checked the schedule and can confirm that the one-raid-per-week rotation is intended to continue for the rest of patch 10.2.7.

Starting with the launch of The War Within pre-expansion patch, all three raids will be Awakened at the same time.”

— Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re looking for Blizzard’s announcement about the rotation schedule, it’s no longer available. The original details have been removed from Blizzard’s official post. All that remains are quoted versions on Wowhead and in various players’ comments.

Awakened Rotation Is "Intended" to Continue. Blizz Deleted Schedule Information

Similar to the situation with Fyrakk AOTC manuscript, players are skeptical that Blizzard intended this to happen. They widely believe that the developers didn’t have the time to make all raids Awakened, and this is just their clumsy attempt to cover it up.

Needless to say, fans are not at all thrilled with this lack of communication. It’s frustrating that Blizzard is backtracking on their decision to open all three raids on the day of the reset without informing anyone. Many even go as far as to accuse the developers of misleading the WoW community for six weeks straight to keep the number of active users high enough to please the shareholders.

Well, what do you think about this whole situation? We can’t wait to see your perspective in the comments!

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