New Primary Stat Increasing Augment Rune for The War Within

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Blizzard introduces a new Primary Stat increasing Augment Rune for The War Within, which was first known due to a recent build #54361, in Patch 11.0.0. Players will be able to acquire the Crystallized Augment Rune.

Augment Rune for The War Within

Since the release of Warlords of Draenor, Augment Runes have been consumables, slightly improving your intellect, agility, or health. In addition to the food you can buy at the Auction House, these runes do not retain any buffs after you die. Moreover, they are currently less available to most players courtesy of their high prices in Dragonflight.

Primary Stat Increasing Augment Runes in Dragonflight

Let’s discuss other Primary Stat increasing Augment Runes in Dragonflight. For instance, in order to acquire the Dreambound Augment Rune, which was first introduced in Patch 10.2.0, you must reach Renown Rank 18 with the Dream Wardens faction. However, this is not a hurdle, taking into account the fact that you only have to part with 100k gold to purchase it from Moon Priestess Lasara.

As a decent alternative with the same stats increase, you can buy the Draconic Augment Rune at the Auction House. The price starts from 800 gold, which turns out cheaper. Plus, there is great news if you are a Healer or a Tank. Sometimes, when there is not enough support in a dungeon via Finder, you can get this rune for free. 

The only thing required is to wait for the moment, queue up, and receive the Draconic Satchel of Cooperation for completing the dungeon. This pouch contains the Draconic Augment Rune as a main reward, but you may also get some gold.

It is important to note that this rune needs to be replaced periodically. It can lead to additional expenses, especially if you are a frequent graveyard guest. Nevertheless, the Dreambound Augment Rune can be used permanently, although it is assigned to only one character on your account. So, before making a purchase, consider these factors.

New Primary Stat Increasing Augment Rune for The War Within

Let’s discuss the new Primary Stat increasing Augment Rune for The War Within. Currently, it is not well known how you can get the Crystallized Augment Rune in the future expansion. At the beginning of The War Within, players will probably be able to obtain the rune’s one-off version by participating in dungeons where there are not enough tanks or healers. But, when the expansion’s end draws near, it becomes permanent.

In comparison with previous expansions, regular players were able to obtain runes from Mission Tables and other specific activities, making it much more affordable. We believe other methods will be available this time as well, and prices are not going to spike as they currently do in Dragonflight


We are hoping that Blizzard will revise their policy on runes, making them more accessible to regular players. What do you think of all this? Do you have any ideas about how players will be able to obtain the Crystallized Augment Rune in The War Within? Tell us your guesses in the comments.

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