All The War Within Profession Bags and Their Special Effects

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Players are in for a treat with the new The War Within profession bags. Each offers a unique special effect that we have included below.

All The War Within Profession Bags and Their Special Effects

The latest addition to crafting in World of Warcraft has sparked excitement among players. The War Within profession bags bring their owner a host of benefits, from boosting reagent gained to reducing cooldown times. Each bag has 38 slots and is Unique, so stacking identical bags for amplified effects isn’t an option. However, gamers can still equip two different bags for their two professions.


The bags for Enchanting, Herbalism, and Leatherworking have yet to have an official name. Their effects are also unknown. This article will be updated with new information whenever it’s available.

The War Within Profession Bags: All Names and Effects

Here’s the complete list of profession bags arriving in The War Within:

The following bags have yet to be renamed. More information about them will be updated soon:

What do you think about the new profession bags? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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