7 Amazing Cloth Transmog Sets to Use in WoW

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Now that our list of best looking Plate Armor Sets is out there, it is time for a follow-up. Today I will show you my picks for 7 best looking cloth complete armor sets that will make your Mage, Priest, or Warlock look amazing and rooted within the World of Warcraft fantasy.

Important to note that this list is purely subjective. You may or may not agree with my picks and it is absolutely normal! 

This time around there will be no grading as the list goes on – every appearance on this list is unique and cool in its own way, however I will try to go from more subtle armors in the beginning up to your typical epic battle gear with giant shoulderpads.

That being said, it is time to start the list.

7. Legion Dungeon Cloth Set

Night Elf in Legion dungeon cloth set of armor

The first and only set on our list that is using standard pants instead of a skirt, although the skirted version is also farmable. This garb comes from Legion dungeons on normal difficulty. It is not hard to farm and it looks very nice, subtle, but quite mystic at the same time. 

6. Regalia of Everburning Knowledge (mythic version)

Void Elf in the Regalia of Everburning knowledge

Nighthold sets were truly something else in terms of great armor design. For example, this amazing armor is in fact Mage’s tier 19, but it is fully available to Priests and Warlocks via the look-alike items, and what’s even more important – its design fits all the cloth classes, if you stretch your imagination enough. Purples, golds and browns of this armor make it look regal, while scrolls, dagger on the belt buckle and fel light effects on shoulders and crown make the character donning this regalia look like a powerful magic-wielder

Nighthold truly gave cloth characters an amazing armor, and the best part – this is not the only NH set that made it into the list.

5. Vestments of the Purifier (mythic version)

Human Warlock in Priest's Purifier mythic armor set

Have you ever wanted to play Warhammer 40k-inspired inquisitor in WoW Dragonflight? If you said yes, then I have some great news for you! Just take a look at Priest’s Tier 19 armor that is also available from Nighthold, just like the previous set. This armor has it all – seals – a symbol of judgement in World of Warcraft, regal-looking spiky armor, crosses, burning candles, big collar and warp-blue energy infused to the headpiece and your character’s eyes! Truly a one of a kind armor.

4. Shadow Council’s Garb (mythic)

Gul'Dan looking orc in the armor of Shadow Council

Armor heavily inspired by WoD’s Gul’Dan, except it is even more edgy with the menacing face mask and animated fel-infusion that happen every 15 seconds or so. Like all the sets on the list this one is farmable by all three cloth classes, and might cause quite a dissonance if you’ll dress your Holy or Discipline Priest in this gear.

3. Dazar’alor Raid Cloth (mythic)

Zandalari Troll donning Dazar'alor Mythic Cloth armor

This beautiful set comes from BfA’s Battle for Dazar’alor raid and it looks glorious. This armor is littered with fully 3D skull and bone ornaments making it look like a Necromancer armor from Diablo series. If you want your Mage, Warlock or Priest to look primal and brutal this is the set for you! Pair it up with some menacing scythe staff transmog for an extra spooky effect!

2. Darkshore Warfront Alliance Cloth (Elaborate)

Night Elf in the elaborate Darkshore cloth set of armor

First faction-specific armor set on the list, and the closest thing we have to Night Elf heritage armor. There’s hardly enough complementary words to describe how beautiful and elegant this armor makes your character look. Extra points if your character happens to be a Night Elf. In such a scenario you truly start to feel like a Moon Priest under the service to Elune. In my opinion this is the best cloth armor set you can wear as Kal’Dorei cloth wearer.

The only problem is that this elaborate version of the armor is really hard to get, because you can only get 1 random piece from the weekly Warfront: Darkshore quest.

1. Darkshore Warfront Horde Cloth (Elaborate)

Nightborne wearing Horde version of Darkshore cloth armor

So, this is essentially the Horde equivalent of the previous armor set, in terms of it also being farmed from weekly Warfront: Darkshore quest piece by piece and also being faction specific, but it is also my absolute favorite cloth set in the game. This armor takes the “Plague Doctor” concept and takes it for an epic, dark, and yet heroic twist. The helmet design is simply phenomenal: the beak-like iron mask and six eye holes give your character an appearance of an otherworldly and threatening bird of prey. And the rest of the armor is not worse by any means. The amount of small details, the texture work, the color scheme — all combined, this transmog equipment has to be one of the best BfA and WoW in general ever had to offer. This is the set that is truly worth the grind it requires.

Do you agree with my picks? Or do you have a better full cloth set in mind that you like better? Feel free to share your thoughts in our new comment section down below!

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