You Can Now Change Your Race in WotLK Classic

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World of Warcraft players, rejoice! Blizzard has introduced the much-awaited Race Change service in WotLK Classic. It allows you to switch your character’s race without losing any of your progress in the game. The feature has been launched today, April 5, 2023.

The service comes with a price tag. There are three options to choose from. You can pay $17.50 to obtain one Race Change. Or pursuing the package deals of 3 for $35. And let’s not forget that you are also able to purchase 8 for $80. Finding this service is easy. Simply check out the in-game shop menu, and you’re ready to explore your fantasy world with a completely new appearance!

(Source: WowHead)

Do you long to experience the world of Azeroth as a graceful Draenei, despite being a human? Or are you an Undead who yearns for the robust life of a Troll? And even if you wish to change from a Gnome to a Blood Elf, that’s also possible. But it’s a whole different story named Faction Change.

Well, whatever your desire is, give your imagination a chance to run wild and spice up your gaming experience today!

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