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WoW The Burning Crusade Classic – Exploring the Revamped Fun Phase by Phase

Are you excited to explore the classic vintage environments of the Burning Crusade revamped with up-to-date visuals and new content additions? We know we are. Players from veterans to newcomers have been expecting to get their hands on the Burning Crusade Classic raids for some time now, but many still don’t know what exactly they will see in this legendary remaster. For everybody short on information, WowVendor is here to highlight all major announcements and updates.

Thus, we already know that the BC Classic will be introduced in phases. There will be five phases of Burning Crusade Classic, each adding to the game exclusive raids and subsequent Arena seasons. However, first, everything is to be kicked off with phase 0, which will be introduced on May 18th and Patch 2.4.3. will be fully enabled along with level 58 boost and the leveling up ability for Blood Elf and Draenei characters.

As for the TBC Classic Phase 1 release, its global launch is scheduled for June 1st, and we are to receive three exclusive raids. Let’s take a look at the stuff we’ll see in phase 1 in more detail.

TBC Classic Phase 1 Raids

The first three TBC Classic phase 1 raids to start you off include the following tier 4 raids for 10-25 players that you may have already heard of:

Each raid brings in its respective dose of challenge, with mysterious locations and treacherous environments as well as frightening bosses and exclusive rewards. Let’s take a closer look at all three raids.

Karazhan Raid Overview

Dwelling silently in the Deadwind Pass, Karazhan is a mysterious desolate tower built in ancient times. Long ago, it was isolated from the sights of keen travelers and warriors after the death of Medivh – the notorious resident of the tower. The treacherous interiors of the tower were recently set in motion once again by Prince Malchezaar, who raised a small army of demons and evil spirits to challenge you on your way through the raid.

Karazhan is a 10-player raid where your brave party will have to encounter and defeat 12 bosses, acquire Tier 4 helm and glove tokens, and get a unique mount – Fiery Warhorse’s Reins. The raid is a part of the attunement questline, which starts in the Deadwind Pass with the Archmage Alturus. On top of that, there is also the Nightbane questline, the Down to the Violet Path questline, and the questline that lets you acquire the Violet Badge.

Resetting weekly, Karazhan in TBC Classic is certainly a sight for a sore eye when it comes to veteran players and a cool haunted location to discover and explore for everybody visiting it for the first time ever.

Karazhan bosses

The 12 bosses you are to encounter inside the dank halls of Karazhan include the following characters, creatures, and atrocities:

How to get to Karazhan in TBC Classic?

In order to gain access to the dank tower of Karazhan in the first place, you need to complete the related attunement questline. This includes setting off the questline by taking the first task from the Archmage Alturus, contacting a bunch of other archmages, obtaining key fragments, and forging the Master’s Key which opens the doors of the tower. You can reach Karazhan in the following ways:

You can also use the portal to Karazhan if you possess Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian, which surely makes one’s life easier.

Gruul’s Lair Raid Overview

Beware Gruul the Dragonkiller – the infamous gronn overlord that the ogres dwelling in the Blade’s Edge Mountains consider their master. With his small yet no least threatening army of ogres, this is certainly an enemy to reckon with.

Gruul’s Lair TBC raid is a 25-player 65+ level raid that is free from attunement hassles and can be accessed right from the Blade’s Edge Mountains without any additional effort required. What to expect in the Gruul’s Lair raid in terms of the combat challenge? As opposed to the previous boss-rich raid, this one sets you against two bosses:

Each boss drops Tier 4 tokens for shoulder and leggings as well as the quest item Earthen Signet (dropped by Gruul) that allows you to progress on your attunement journey to the Tempest Keep.

As for other notable drops, High King Maulgar may also give you:

While Gruul also drops:

This raid should keep your party excited to get over engaging challenges and collecting tons of the precious raid-exclusive loot.

Magtheridon’s Lair Raid Overview

Back in the days of yore, Illidan Stormrage threw Magtheridon – then the Outland’s supreme ruler – to the Hellfire Citadel’s dank prison chambers. TBC Classic Magtheridon’s Lair raid allows you to visit the Outland ruler’s place of restraining and defeat the Hellfire Channeler to free Magtheridon from his magic shackles and face him in combat.

Magtheridon’s Lair is a 25-player raid that can be accessed by traveling to the Hellfire Peninsula and getting to the menacing Hellfire Citadel. Going through waves of Hellfire Warder’s mobs and defeating the Hellfire Channeler, you reach the battle with the one and only ultimate boss of the raid:

Keep in mind that the fight against Magtheridon is 3-phased – on top of beating the Hellfire Channeler first, when you battle Magtheridon and his health reaches 30%, the final phase is initiated with the Lair walls collapsing to make the battle more inconvenient for your party.

The ultimate rewards you get for going through this are Tier 4 chests and Pit Lord’s Satchel.

Other Phase 1 Activities

On top of all that quest/item/boss galore, the first phase also brings us some minor yet no less exciting additions, including:

What to Expect from Further Phases?

As though all the raiding fun brought on by Phase 1 is not enough to excite us, subsequently introduced phases 2-5 have much more where that came from. In particular, here’s what the following phases will bring us:

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

We are sure that we’ll get more additions as the season goes. And for now, are you excited about all these major updates and additions coming to your server as much as we are? Then keep in tune with the news and updates gathered by WowVendor. We will be highlighting all major and minor changes and additions throughout all the phases.

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