WoW Hardcore Servers Officially Confirmed

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WoW Hardcore Servers Officially Confirmed

It’s official, folks! WoW Hardcore Servers are officially on their way, as confirmed by Blizzard!

After months of datamining, speculations, and tantalizing tidbits of information, the wait is over. Blizzard has finally stepped forward to make a ground-shattering announcement. A Hardcore-only playground is en route to WoW Classic!

As promised, during the Hardcore Allstars Event Finale, Blizzard Developer Josh Greenfield revealed information about the long-awaited servers on Sarthe’s Twitch Channel. Other than that, he also disclosed that the next season of WoW Classic is already simmering in their cauldron of creativity. More juicy details are set to be unveiled later this year.

Blizzard also introduces a new dueling system. Players can now engage in deadly duels, should they dare to test their mettle in the ultimate clash of steel and spells. By typing in the command “/makgora” you will be able to initiate these thrilling encounters that result in one of the duelist’s character loss.

In recent times, the WoW Classic Hardcore community has been thriving. It brings together like-minded players who wish to take the challenge in WoW up a notch. Their goal is to reach the max level in the game without dying even once. A single misstep, a single death, and they must face the ultimate consequence of deleting their characters forever. You can find them on the servers of Hydraxian Waterlords and Bloodsail Buccaneers.

For quite some time, having a server specifically dedicated to such a playstyle has been a shared dream within the community. One major advantage would be the ease of connecting with fellow gamers who share their preferences. Furthermore, the intrusion of regular players disrupting their journeys would be significantly reduced. And now, their wish has been realized by Blizzard.

WoW Classic Hardcore is inching closer to its official release this summer. Thus, a testing phase is set to take place in the upcoming weeks. So, to keep up with the latest news and updates, be sure to keep a close eye on WowVendor Guides and News portal!

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