WoW Hardcore Error Deleted over 40 Level 60 Characters

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Due to a recent WoW Hardcore error, over 40 players lost their level 60 characters.

WoW Hardcore Error Deleted over 40 Level 60 Characters

As reported by N_Tys, a WoW Community Commentator, a client crashing error has led to the loss of over 40 level 60 characters in Hardcore Classic. The incident occurred during a stream by Mackgonebald, where the game abruptly crashed. Sephiroth’s theme shifted from epic to deadly silent real quick as the screen turned black. Mackgonebald and his raid members were kicked out of the game. And upon logging back in, Mackgonebald found his once mighty level 60 character was then nothing but a mere spirit. All his gear and countless hours of effort went down the drain just like that:

Playing Hardcore, players always know the risks they face. After all, a single death spells the permanent deletion of their character. This rule has been fundamental to Hardcore ever since it wasn’t even an official mode. However, losing characters due to a WoW Hardcore error is not how players picture their epic adventures coming to an end.

Blizzard maintains a strict policy of never resurrecting Hardcore characters under any circumstances. The only way for players wishing to continue playing with their dead character is to transfer them to a non-hardcore realm. It remains to be seen how Blizzard will address this issue, given that it stems from a game error rather than because of the players themselves.

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