WoW Classic Era Is Back: Player Count Peaks in Vanilla 2023

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WoW Classic Is Back: Player Count Peaks in Vanilla

World of Warcraft Classic Era is experiencing a grand revival. The game’s original version is coming back with a sudden surge in player count. Over the past month, gamers have slowly migrated back to the previously abandoned Vanilla servers. Thus, deserted zones are now crowded with the champions of Azeroth. You will see soon in the videos below that Stormwind and Orgrimmar here are no less bustling that how they stand in Dragonflight.

The increase in WoW Vanilla population is not limited to PvE content. Even PvP matches and Battleground activities are also booming across the realms. And guess what, people are actually lining up in Goldshire to collect free bags!

Can’t Believe What You’re Reading? Check out These Statistics!

YouTuber Solheim Gaming has taken the time to analyze the data for us. Thus, providing a deeper insight into the current state of WoW Classic Era:

So, Why Exactly Is Vanilla Waking up from Its Slumber? Why Now?

There are several reasons behind the renewed interest in WoW Vanilla, as stated by YouTuber Hamsterwheel:

Rhaazk, a WoW content creator on YouTube, also provides his perspective. He also addressed the impact of the lack of content and talked about how the Hardcore community affects the situation. Aside from that, he mentioned:

And if you’re interested in a live experience, make sure to check out Asmongold‘s video on the matter. Even though it was 1:00 A.M, the thought-to-be-dead servers were packed at high popularity. Thus, He even went as far as interviewing players about their reason for choosing Vanilla over Dragonflight or WotLK Classic.

As of now, it’s unclear if this resurgence is just a momentary hype or if it will continue for the long term. However, it’s clear that there is a devoted fanbase that continues to appreciate the game’s charm and unique gameplay. So if you’re asking yourself, should you play WoW Classic Era in 2023? Then the answer is yes. Definitely yes! Even Mike Ybarra has joined the fun!

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Judy Tsays:

I have waited a long time (and mourned the loss) of classic Wow. The newer versions just left me awash in disappointment. Some of us like change, and some of us are happy where we were. Yes please.