WoW Classic Hardcore: Tinyviolin Banned Live While Streaming

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Tinyviolin banned. Is this the end of the infamous WoW Classic Hardcore griefer?

WoW Classic Hardcore: Tinyviolin Banned Live While Streaming

Key Takeaways

  • Tinyviolin, a notorious griefer in WoW Classic Hardcore, was banned live on stream.
  • Speculation surrounds the ban’s cause, with suggestions it’s linked to Tinyviolin’s use of third-party software and not his griefing behavior.
  • While some players express relief over Tinyviolin’s ban, others remain cautious, wary of potential challenges posed by his possible return as he can always create or buy a new account.
  • Tinyviolin confirmed his Judgment Days won’t stop because of this ban.

13 unfortunate players fell victim to Tinyviolin’s antics in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj raid, losing their character permanently in the Hardcore realm:

The griefer still ran free after the incident. However, not for long. During a recent stream, Tinyviolin was banned live, and he was not happy about it:

Tinyviolin Banned Live, Judgment Days Continue

N_Tys, a WoW Community Commentator, stated that the ban likely resulted from Tinyviolin’s use of third-party software rather than his griefing behavior. Despite the ban, Tinyviolin remained defiant, stating that it would not impact future Judgment Days. He also added that he wouldn’t stop until the guild HC Elite ceases to exist:

Following Tinyviolin’s chaos during the C’Thun encounter in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj raid, patience within the WoW community wears thin. His repeated antics have left players increasingly frustrated. And so, with word spreading about Tinyviolin’s ban, many players express their relief and excitement:

However, players have a prevailing sense of wariness about the potential challenges that may emerge upon his return. After all, Tinyviolin can easily create or purchase another account to resume his griefing activities against the guild HC Elite.

What are your thoughts on Blizzard’s decision to ban Tinyviolin? Are you eagerly anticipating his next move in WoW, or do you believe Blizzard should go further and ban his IP address? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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