WoW Classic Hardcore Leaks: Guild Banks, Dungeons, and More

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WoW Classic Hardcore Leaks: Guild Banks, Dungeons, and More

A document regarding future features for WoW Classic Hardcore has been leaked on Reddit.

Leaks are not an uncommon occurrence in the gaming world. Particularly when a topic generates significant heat in the community. In this case, the highly anticipated WoW Classic Hardcore servers have captured the dreams of numerous players. Thus, its development process can’t stay concealed for long. 

An interesting document posted by chemistrynerd1994 has garnered immense interest from the subreddit r/classicwow. It originates from the Hardcore addon developers who submitted it to Blizzard.

It outlines their desired features for the official servers. Namely guild banks, Heroic dungeons, anti-griefing measures, and more. To delve into the comprehensive list of what’s to come, you can check them out below.

The World of Warcraft player base has been restless. After all, Blizzard has confirmed that they are working to make WoW Classic Hardcore servers a reality. Back in April, CalamityHC disclosed that Blizzard reached out to them and several other community members. The developers were seeking invaluable insights into the crucial features that should be included. Other than that, some long-standing Classic Hardcore Streamers also signed an NDA concerning the same matter.

So, what’s on your mind? Are you considering diving into the Hardcore experience? And if you have long battled in that challenging environment, are you excited for what lies ahead? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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