PvE Tier List for Ulduar in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

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Phase 2 of WotLK Classic is just around the corner. Players will conquer the next raid instance in the expansion’s roadmap — Ulduar. Its mechanics imply that some classes may be more effective in the raid than others. The Lich King offers you plenty of specializations to play. But if you want to perform better in the instance, we’ve prepared this Ulduar tier list for you.


The picture above demonstrates all WotLK specs divided into four tiers. You may overview them all or choose the classes that interest you and find their positions in the table. Now we’ll discuss each class presented in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic and analyze why they’ve ended up in one tier or another.


Death Knights take the highest brackets for the raid in question. Their effectiveness scales with gear well, meaning that higher ilvl items from new content increase Death Knights’ strength significantly. Two specializations of this class are in the S tier of our best Phase 2 Ulduar tier list.

Blood is basically one of the best tanks in the instance, and Unholy has equally great DPS. That’s why these two specs are S-ranked. The only reason why Frost is A-ranked is that Unholy is a slightly better choice for the raid in terms of damage.


Druids perform well in Ulduar, and most of their specializations are A-ranked. They do not make it to the S bracket because they do not have what it takes to compete with the specs presented there. Druids are still in a good spot, and this class deserves its place in Phase 2 meta.

Balance and Feral can inflict decent damage and have high mobility. Both specs are in the A tier. The only Druid specialization that has ended up in the lower B tier is Restoration. They apply too much overheal in the instance, which makes them slightly worse than other healing specs in the game.


Hunters are in a good spot for Ulduar. They can inflict good damage and have some features useful for raid parties like Spirits. Still, the highest point for this DPS is the B tier since Hunter cannot compete with S-ranked or A-ranked classes.

Well-equipped Marksmanship Hunters can be effective in the raid. Survival may inflict a bit less damage, but this specialization can bring even more general benefits to the group. Beast Mastery can only make it to the C bracket as they are much less effective than the other two. BMs may even take the lowest position in the WotLK Phase 2 Ulduar class ranking.


Mage is a utility choice in Wrath of the Lich King with 2 B-ranked specs. Mages can offer the raid party many general benefits. They include things like food, curse dispel, and the Arcane Intellect buff which can increase the raid’s overall damage.

Arcane is your stable option inflicting decent damage and takes a deserved position in the B tier. Fire is much more dependent on the equipment because the specialization’s gameplay is focused on critical strikes. But this shouldn’t be a problem since Fire mages are likely well-equipped for the moment of the instance exploration. The crit chance should be fine, so this spec also goes to the B bracket of the Ulduar DPS tier list. The remaining specialization, Frost, is mostly for PvP purposes. If you’re playing as a mage, it’s recommended to consider using Arcane or Fire in the raid.


Paladins can be quite effective in this instance. The class brings many general advantages to the group. They include auras and various buffs that can significantly help the raid members. All Paladin specs have high positions and are ranked S and A.

Protection Paladins may not be as good as Blood Death Knights. But the specialization is still a decent tank having everything that it takes to get to the S tier. Holy is also great in Ulduar, and it is one of two healers who have made it to the S section of our WotLK Ulduar tier list. Retribution may fall off because there are not many large AoE pulls in the raid. There are also no undead, so the spec is less effective than in Naxxramas, for example, but still makes it to the B bracket.


Priests, both healers and DPS, can perform well in the raid. Their specs are in high positions on the list. Whatever specialization you play, Priests are demanded in raids because of additional healing, a stamina buff, and other benefits.

Discipline is basically a second-to-none S-ranked healing spec. It’s on top of the WotLK Ulduar PvE tier list. Get ready to cast some unbreakable shields. Holy is one line lower just because Discipline is generally more effective. Shadow is also in a good spot for the instance and takes its place among other A-ranked DPS.


Shamen can do well in this instance even though they are not the best class for Ulduar compared to others. We’ve placed all three specializations in the B section. It doesn’t mean Shamans are bad. It only means there are some better choices as per our WotLK Phase 2 tier list predictions.

There are two main reasons why all the specs — Elemental, Enhancement, and Restoration — have ended up B-ranked. First, Shamans do not scale with gear that well compared to others. Second, they do not bring any special benefits to the raid.


Warlock is probably the absolute best DPS class for the instance. Two of its specs are S-ranked. That’s quite impressive considering that there are only 4 DPS specializations in the S tier. That makes Warlocks lead the WotLK Ulduar class meta in terms of DPS.

Affliction and Demonology inflict insane damage. If you have a Warlock with one of these specs in your instance party, it means you’ll see some decent numbers for sure. Destruction falls off to the B tier because it inflicts less damage and is more appropriate for the Arena.


Warriors of different specializations show quite diverse performances in the instance. You can see that three specs present three different brackets — from A to C. That means they manage the raid’s challenges very differently as per our WotLK Ulduar tier list predictions.

Protection takes its rightful place in the A tier. Not only does this specialization tank well and scales with gear, but it also brings many benefits to the group. Those include various Shouts, Thunder Claps, and so on. Fury is a bit less effective in general but is still a B-ranked DPS that inflicts decent damage. Arms falls off significantly since it can’t compete with Fury and is more suitable for PvP purposes.


Just like Warrior, Rogue’s specs are each ranked differently. That means the effectiveness of this DPS considerably depends on the spec played. Rogues are the last part of our WotLK Ulduar Phase 2 class guide.

Assassination is one of the best DPS specs for the instance and takes its rightful place in the S bracket. Combat hasn’t gone far from that and is an A-ranked spec. Both specializations inflict amazing damage, scale well with gear, and will be a perfect complement to any raid party. The only exception is Subtlety. It significantly falls off compared to the other two. Subtlety takes its place in the C tier as a specialization more appropriate for Arena and other PvP purposes.


The answer is simple: play whatever you like. World of Warcraft is a game in which there are no bad classes. Some just perform better in specific situations than others, and that’s it.

This tier list for Phase 2 of Wrath of the Lich King has one primary purpose. It’s to show you which classes can be more effective in the instance and why. If a specialization you really like is low-ranked in the table — it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play it. If you meet some troubles dealing with the instance’s challenges, we’ll be happy to help you. You may order an Ulduar boost off our website and get your raid run completed in no time.

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