WotLK Tailoring Guide 1–450: Fast and Effortless Leveling

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WotLK Classic Tailoring Guide: Fast and Effortless Leveling

Welcome, heroes of Azeroth, to your most efficient WotLK Tailoring guide from level 1 to 450. 

Why Should You Choose Tailoring as Your Profession?

Why Should You Choose Tailoring as Your Profession in WotLK?

Tailoring involves the art of transforming various raw materials, most notably cloth, into a range of various commodities. Among the creations woven by tailors are cloth armor, small and large inventory bags, and even the marvelous spectacle of woven flying mounts

Tailors possess the exclusive ability to embellish garments with embroidery. You can embroider your legs and cloaks to gain additional stats. However, all of them are connected to a proc effect. 

In WotLK Classic, each profession offers its owner a unique, significant boost. In this case, while leg embroidery is tradable to other characters, cloak embroidery is bound to Tailors only. Non-tailors, unfortunately, aren’t eligible for such benefits. 

Tailoring Cloak Enchants: 

Tailoring also offers its practitioners a gold mine by selling their creations in the Auction House. Who can resist a 20-slot bag at an affordable price?

In addition, unlike the other professions, Tailoring and Enchanting are the only two that don’t require time-consuming Gathering of materials. And if you keep reading, you will find that by finding the best profession to pair with Tailoring, you can self-sustain your material needs.

What Is the Best Combo with Tailoring in WoW?

What Is the Best Combo with Tailoring in WoW?

The best combo with Tailoring in WoW is Enchanting. This is one of the most potent combinations of all time, especially for cloth wearers. This synergy pairing offers a unique advantage, enabling players to use one profession to level up the other. You can swiftly advance your Enchanting level by applying enchantments to your Tailoring products. Also, Disenchanting your Tailoring creations yields valuable materials essential for Enchanting.

This allows you to simultaneously progress in both professions, saving precious time and effort. Moreover, the formidable impact of embracing Tailoring and Enchanting extends beyond mere convenience. The effects they bring will significantly boost your character’s power.

Approximate Materials Required

Below, you will find an estimate of the materials required to level up your Tailoring profession from level 1 to 450

Classic (1–300)

The Burning Crusade (300–350)

WotLK (350–450)

Tailoring Trainers

Classic Trainers (1–300)

Horde trainers

Alliance trainers

WotLK Trainers (300–450)

You can learn the new WotLK Tailoring skill from these NPCS:



Both factions can also learn it from Charles Worth at Dalaran.

Leveling Tailoring


To progress from 1 to 75 in Tailoring, you’ll need around 59x Coarse Thread. These can be conveniently purchased from the nearby Tailoring Supplies vendor. Hold down the Shift key, left-click your mouse, and enter the desired quantity for fast purchasing. Note that you can acquire a maximum of 20 threads and 10 dyes in a single transaction. 

Buying all the dyes and thread at once is not recommended. It will fill up your inventory, and you won’t have much bag space to craft items. The needed Dyes and Thread for each part will be listed separately.

Stop making these if you reach 45, and only create more if needed.

Journeyman Tailoring

Once you have reached level 10, visit your trainer and learn Journeyman Tailoring.

You will need around 33x Fine Thread for the 75–125 parts. You can vendor any remaining Coarse Thread. You won’t need them.


You might have to make a few more if you were unlucky with the skill gains.

Expert Tailoring

Once you have reached level 20, visit your trainer and learn Expert Tailoring.

You will need 36x Blue Dye, 83x Fine Thread, 10x Bleach, and 40x Red Dye for the 125–205 part.


You might have to make a few more if you don’t reach 160.

Artisan Tailoring

Once you have reached level 35, visit your Enchanting trainer and learn Artisan Tailoring.

You will need 20x Silken Thread, 71x Heavy Silken Thread, 20x Red Dye, 5x Orange Dyeand 50x Rune Thread for the 205–300 part.


The recipe goes yellow at 270. You might have to make a few more.

The recipes will be yellow at 290, so you might have to make a few more.

Master Tailoring

You can learn Master Tailoring from Weaver Aoa or Miralisse in Shattrath City and Dalinna or Hama in Hellfire Peninsula.

Rune Threads are sold by your trainer.


You will use all of these later, so it’s better to make all of them now for free skill points.

The Pattern: Bolt of Imbued Netherweave is sold by Eiin in Shattrath City. 

This recipe is taught by your trainer.

The recipe is sold by Eiin in Shattrath City.

WotLK Tailoring (350–450)

You can learn the new WotLK Classic Tailoring skill from these NPCS:



Both factions can also learn it from Charles Worth at Dalaran.


Crafting around 50 should get you to 375, but in total, you will need more than 600 to reach 440. (3000x Frostweave Cloth). 

If you only want to reach 420 to get the Tailoring Cloak Enchants, you will need around 350. (1750x Frostweave Cloth)

These are used in every high–level Tailoring recipe, so it’s better to make them now. Making around 10–20 should get you to 405, but you will need around 120 in total to reach 440. You will need 240 Bolt of Frostweave and 240 Infinite Dust to create 120.

The recipe will be yellow for the last 10 points. You usually have to make around 20–23 to reach 440.


Frostweave Bags:

And so, congratulations on successfully reaching the pinnacle of Tailoring! We hope that this WotLK Tailoring guide 1–450 has been able to aid you. Special thanks to WoW-professions for providing such a valuable resource. May your Tailoring adventures continue to bring you great joy in your WoW journey. 

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