SoD Phase 4 raid lockout changed: No more twice a week

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Blizzard has made a significant update regarding the SoD Phase 4 raid lockout schedule. Originally planned for twice weekly, it will now revert back to once per week.

SoD Phase 4 raid lockout changed No more twice a week

While being able to raid twice weekly in Season of Discovery may be a dream for many players, it’s definitely a nightmare for others. After weighing community feedback, developers have decided on a twice-weekly lockout schedule for Onyxia’s Lair, Lord Kazzak, and Azuregos, while shifting Molten Core to a weekly schedule.

The twice-weekly lockout wasn’t meant to enforce mandatory twice-weekly raiding. Instead, it was a deliberate choice offered to players in SoD Phase 4. Yet, more frequent lockouts may lead to feelings of obligation and guilt among gamers who aim to maximize progression for their mains. As for altaholics, this tight lockout system results in continuous raiding throughout the week just to keep their alts up to date with the game’s content. As a result, they will have little time to enjoy other activities the game has to offer.

What players think about the new SoD Phase 4 raid lockout

As usual, the WoW Season of Discovery community finds itself divided. Some criticize the developers for seemingly favoring casual players at the expense of others. But many other players commend the SoD development team for actively responding to feedback. They appreciate the adjustments that make balancing WoW raiding with real-life commitments more possible. After all, the heroes of Azeroth are all adults now. They have jobs, families, and other real-life responsibilities to care for, and not everyone can dedicate extensive hours solely to gaming anymore.

What do you think about the changes to SoD Phase 4 raid lockout? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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