Aggrend discusses SoD Phase 4 class changes and World Buffs

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In a recent X/ Twitter post, Aggrend, also known as Josh Greenfield, discusses SoD Phase 4 class changes and World Buffs. Additionally, he hints at a preview for SoD Phase 4 coming soon on YouTube!

SoD Phase 4

On June 26, the Senior Game Producer announced that some minor changes were made to other classes and will be coming later in the week, likely through PTR hotfixes. Additionally, Warlocks, Hunters, and Mages are getting some significant class updates in this week’s PTR build. Once these adjustments are out, Blizzard will turn on World Buffs on PTR.

That being said, every class change involves tuning the damage numbers, so what about them? According to Greenfield, Blizzard first focuses on the gameplay and then tweaks the numbers once everything has settled. It is all good if the Warcraft Logs graph, which is used to analyze WoW’s performance, is not totally flat in SoD Phase 4 – the Development Team will keep refining these numbers for a while after it has finalized most of the mechanical changes, so do not worry.

But it is not the end! Josh Greenfield mentioned that the community should pay attention to the WoW YouTube channel this week, hinting that Blizzard will likely release a preview video for SoD Phase 4 soon. While the Development Team may be unable to implement all rising suggestions, Greenfield emphasized that players’ help in identifying hidden issues and giving feedback has always been immeasurable, meaning dialogue between Blizzard and the community is vital for thriving and progression.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming class changes? If you are currently participating in PTR, what is your opinion on it? We would love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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