SoD Phase 2: Ashenvale Timer and World Buff Updates

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Ashenvale timer and World buff are receiving changes and updates in Season of Discovery Phase 2.

SoD Phase 2: Ashenvale Timer and World Buff Updates

Key Takeaways

  • Ashenvale’s PvP event timer in Phase 2 will follow a consistent three-hour cycle.
  • The weekly quest World buff in Ashenvale will only affect players up to level 39 in Phase 2.

We are just about a week away from SoD Phase 2 release date on February 8. It will bring a wealth of new content and features you can explore in our Season of Discovery Guide: All 5 Phases. Among these updates are the changes to the PvP events in both Stranglethorn and Ashenvale.

As previously reported, the primary PvP event in SoD Phase 2 is The Blood Moon in Stranglethorn Vale. However, this doesn’t mean that the developers will neglect Ashenvale. Rather, said zone will undergo a timer adjustment and receive updates to its World buffs.

SoD Phase 2: Ashenvale Timer

SoD Phase 2: Ashenvale Timer and World Buff Updates

In response to community feedback regarding Ashenvale’s obnoxious timer in Phase 1, Blizzard has taken action. Starting from Phase 2, the timetable for PvP battles in Ashenvale will be more predictable. Just like Stranglethorn, Ashenvale’s timer will follow a consistent three-hour cycle. This set timetable will help players join the event at their convenience. Thus eliminating the lengthy waits due to timing uncertainties.

SoD Phase 2: Ashenvale Timetable

For your convenience in staying informed about the Ashenvale battles during Phase 2 of SoD, we’ve provided the Ashenvale timetable for both the US and EU servers below:

Ashenvale Timetable (US)


The time zone here is EST.

3:00:00 AM

6:00:00 AM

9:00:00 AM

12:00:00 AM

3:00:00 PM

6:00:00 PM

9:00:00 PM

12:00:00 PM

Ashenvale Timetable (EU)


The time zone here is CEST.

1:00:00 AM

4:00:00 AM

7:00:00 AM

10:00:00 AM

1:00:00 PM

4:00:00 PM

7:00:00 PM

10:00:00 PM

SoD Phase 2: Ashenvale World Buff

During Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery, Ashenvale’s weekly quest World buff will no longer affect players beyond level 39.

Ashenvale has been facing numerous challenges and issues in Phase 1. However, it has no doubt played an important part in shaping Stranglethorn and SoD PvP events in general. If you wish to engage in Ashenvale’s PvP event, it is advisable to do so now. With February 2 approaching, players are likely shifting their attention to the Stranglethorn. And that will make it more difficult to find participants for Ashenvale.

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Did blizz say anything about nerfing the rep gain from the weekly quest? i only got 100 this week.