SoD: No Shamans for Alliance, No Paladins for Horde

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Blizzard has confirmed that there will be no Shamans for the Alliance, and there will be no Paladins for the Horde in Season of Discovery (SoD).

SoD: No Shamans for Alliance, No Paladins for Horde

The Season of Discovery brings forth a plethora of possibilities. It has shattered many boundaries and injected a renewed perspective into World of Warcraft. And so, players were optimistic about the chance for Alliance Shamans and Horde Paladins to join the fun. After all, the faction restriction no longer seems important or necessary in the innovative settings of SoD.

The game developers agree with this sentiment. Unfortunately, they lack the resources to implement these changes. So it’s impossible to expect such innovation in Season of Discovery. As explained by Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield:

Although it’s quite disheartening news for some, the WoW players are more than understanding. They also appreciate the communication from Blizzard:

Even in the absence of Alliance Shammies and Horde Pallies, SoD continues to present a plethora of exciting experiences. So, you can still enjoy its diverse offerings to the fullest!

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