SoD Discoverer’s Delight: 150% XP Buff Incoming

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Blizzard has boosted SoD Discoverer’s Delight once again. The buff offers an increased XP bonus, now reaching 150%.

SoD Discoverer's Delight 150% XP Buff Incoming

According to Blizzard’s latest post, starting on May 7, after the weekly reset, Players from levels 1-39 will enjoy a whopping 150% increase in experience gains. Meanwhile, those between levels 40 and 49 will receive a 100% XP boost. As usual, players can toggle the experience buff on or off at their convenience. This can be done simply by visiting any innkeeper in the capital cities, granting players full control over their leveling experience.

Some players are finding that Discoverer’s Delight doesn’t carry the same weight it once did. After all, Nightmare Incursions now offers abundant opportunities for rapid leveling. And so, Discoverer’s Delight’s impact has been somewhat diminished for certain players.

It’s still a nice buff to have, especially if players are leveling up their main or preparing their alts for Phase 4. Given the repetitive nature of leveling and the grind required to accumulate XP, Discoverer’s Delight will definitely speed up the process.

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