SoD Bots Are Now Selling Teleports for Coppers

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SoD bots are now selling teleports for coppers. They are actually helping players to economize their resources.

SoD Bots Are Now Selling Teleports for Coppers

Despite efforts from players and developers, bots continue to plague WoW. Season of Discovery is not an exception to their invasion. Bot farmers tirelessly refine their tactics in response to game developers’ evolving methods of combating them. Often, they even devise entirely new strategies to hoard as much gold as possible.

The disdain for bots remains strong. However, a recent strategy from these bots has sparked interest in the WoW community for its unexpected benefit to players. Instead of using traditional methods to hoard in-game resources, SoD bots have begun selling teleports. Usually, selling teleports and summons is an excellent way for Mages and Warlocks to farm gold. However, now, players can buy teleports from these bots at a price much lower than usual.

For example, Redditor databro98 reported encountering a group of bots that have started summoning players to Tirisfal Glades to save time on travel. They noted that the bots instantly accept players into the group and summon them upon request. What made things all the more interesting was they silently agreed to any amount of currency offered by the client.

Players haven’t criticized these individuals, considering they aren’t necessarily doing anything illegal. In fact, they are actually earning gold honestly by providing a helpful service to the community. And if the hatred towards bots is too intense, players can simply choose not to pay them, offer a modest amount of silver, or even just a few coppers.

SoD bots are now selling teleportation for coppers. What do you think about this situation? Let us know in the comments!

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