Blizzard Says Seal Twisting Is Finally Back in SoD

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It is incredible news, fellow Paladins! Blizzard says that Seal Twisting is finally back in SoD in their latest blue post from April 23.

Seal Twisting

Some players are excited about it, while others are angry and resentful. Buckle up, and let’s take a closer look at the news that has caused a storm of emotions in the Paladin community.

What Is Seal Twisting

The Seal Twisting technique became popular in the Burning Crusade era when the server messaging system was relatively slow. Due to this fact, some players could extend the duration of the active Seal to get extra time when the second Seal was cast, which gave an excellent burst potential.

As an example, you can use Seal of Martyrdom during your attack and switch to Seal of Command during the swing animation. If you do this correctly, you will simultaneously get the effect of two Seals in your next auto-attack.

Community Opinion

Nowadays, most players believe that Seal Twisting looks more like a bug than a smooth and intended rotation. This mechanic remains quite controversial and clunky because it caused some problems during The Burning Crusade Classic era. Additionally, half of Paladin players prefer smoother gameplay instead of erratic bursts of damage, which is why half of the community is upset with Blizzard’s decision.

Despite all the discordant opinions, a minority of players are thrilled by this news. They can now experience playing as a Paladin in the early days of WoW Classic, which was a unique and outstanding experience. Utilizing the Seal Twisting mechanic guarantees Paladins will deal much more damage if they apply themselves, which is why this kind of gameplay is considered skill-based and overbearing for newcomers.

What Blizzard Says About Seal Twisting

Many years ago, Blizzard considered it a bug, but realized that some experienced players utilized this feature to boost their damage. Unfortunately, this technique made Paladins dependent on mana, so they had to use an addon named WeaponSwingTimer.

Anyway, the Development Team says this feature is an experiment. Once they set it in motion, they will check the performance of Retribution Paladins and watch the community’s feedback so they can include hotfixes in a future Patch or Phase.


What do you think of this news and the Seal Twisting mechanic itself? Do you approve of it? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below!

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