Reins of the Bengal Tiger May Appear in Season of Discovery

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Reins of the Bengal Tiger, a previously unattainable mount, may soon be making its way to Season of Discovery.

Reins of the Bengal Tiger May Appear in Season of Discovery

The developers of WoW Classic have prepared many secrets and valuable rewards for SoD. Among them, there are even those that have never been accessible to players before. For instance, the Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider. Renowned for its exclusivity, only one fortunate player has ever had it in their collection in WoW Retail. However, with the Season of Discovery come countless possibilities. And now, rumors arise, hinting at the arrival of another previously unobtainable mount in SoD. And it’s the Reins of the Bengal Tiger.

In the retail version of WoW, the Reins of the Bengal Tiger mount is exclusive to Amara. It was granted to the terminally ill girl through the “Make-a-Wish” program, fulfilling her request:

Now, in Patch 1.15.1, the developers have added a copy of the classic Reins of the Bengal Tiger into the game. Unlike the original, the new Reins of the Bengal Tiger‘s quality is rare. It doesn’t require tiger-riding skills, and you don’t need to be a member of one of the Alliance factions. Most likely, this mount will also be available to players. However, it’s unknown how it can be obtained at the moment.

Where Is Reins of the Bengal Tiger in SoD

There are rumors that the Bengal Tiger can be acquired from a special vendor in a secret cave located in Stranglethorn Vale. But there has yet to be any confirmation. Moreover, MrGM, a famous WoW content creator, also visited this cave. Yet, he found nothing of note.

Do you have any clue about how to get the Reins of the Bengal Tiger? Are you excited to see these exclusive mounts coming to SoD? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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Big PvP boss in STV will probably be killable at lvl60? Could be an idea…


I’m really hoping they come up with an interesting and creative way to obtain this mount, maybe something like solving tricky puzzles and riddles. If it’s just a boss drop or purchasable with in-game currency, it kind of takes away from how special it is.