Players Get 1000 Reputation Points in Nightmare Incursions

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SoD Phase 3 is out, bringing along a new outdoor PvE event. However, the latest news about it is pretty confusing. Many players have started getting 1000 reputation points in Nightmare Incursions by completing only one daily quest in Feralas.

Reddit user DJ_bosse said completing the daily Fight the Nightmare Incursions quest now rewards 200 reputation points. This reward is given five times, resulting in a total of 1,000.

The community is divided on whether the recent boost applies to Feralas only and if it will be nerfed in the future. According to the database, this quest is split into five similar ones with the same ID.

Anyhow, it is still unclear whether such an increase in reputation points is planned or not. It equals a few completed daily quests for the Emerald Wardens faction. There’s a high chance that this is just a bug. At the moment of writing, Blizzard has not provided any comments on the matter yet.

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