Players can defeat Cata Classic bosses repeatedly in 1 lockout

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A recent bug allows players to defeat Cataclysm Classic bosses repeatedly and collect loot from them each time within a single lockout.

Players can defeat Cata Classic bosses repeatedly in 1 lockout

Cataclysm Classic, launched just a month ago, has encountered its share of issues. Players have been uncovering significant glitches during their gaming sessions. Among these is a reported bug related to Heroic raid bosses. By doing five simple steps, players can defeat the Cata Classic bosses repeatedly to receive a lot more loot than usual during one single lockout.

How to defeat Cata Classic bosses repeatedly in one lockout

Redditor Vaelornx has brought attention to said bug in Cataclysm Classic. The method involves a specific five-step sequence:

Players have observed that this issue has been around since the raids’ debut. Even without following the specific five-step method mentioned earlier, this bug can still occur randomly. Concerns have arisen among some players regarding potential consequences from developers. There is apprehension about the possibility of developers taking action against those who used this method to gain extra loot, including those who did so accidentally.

At the time of writing, Blizzard has not provided any details about how they plan to handle this issue going forward.

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