New WoW Roadmap: Cataclysm Classic Beta Delayed

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With Cataclysm Classic Beta delayed, the WoW Classic Roadmap 2024 has been changed.

New WoW Roadmap: Cataclysm Classic Beta Delayed

Key Takeaways

  • Cataclysm Classic Beta delayed, changing WoW Classic Roadmap 2024.
  • The new launch timeline is likely early spring, possibly March.
  • Season of Discovery Phase 2 and WoW Classic Hardcore Self-Found mode are still launching as planned.
  • Blizzard promises more information on the beta delay soon.

Blizzard recently announced a delay in the launch of the Cataclysm Classic Beta. As presented in the initial WoW roadmap 2024, the beta was slated to debut towards the end of winter, following the rollout of SoD Phase 2. While the second Phase of Season of Discovery remains on schedule for February 8, the Cataclysm Classic Beta will not launch as planned.

Cataclysm Classic Beta Delayed to Spring 2024

Blizzard has officially confirmed that the WoW Classic Hardcore Self-Found mode is set to launch in late February. So, according to the original roadmap, Cataclysm Classic Beta was also expected to arrive sometime in February as well. However, the delay has pushed the beta’s release to early spring. Blizzard did say that the beta will follow shortly after the rollout of the WoW Classic Hardcore Self-Found mode. As it stands, we can anticipate the beta to take place around March unless there are further adjustments.

“WoW Classic Hardcore’s Self-Found mode is coming in late February, followed shortly after by the Beta for Cataclysm Classic. More news on that will be coming soon.”

— Blizzard

Blizzard has yet to disclose an official date for the Cataclysm Classic beta. However, they promised that more information regarding this change would be coming soon. So, all we can do now is wait for further updates.

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