New SoD Phase 3 Trinkets Hide the Flag in Warsong Gulch

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Two new SoD Phase 3 trinkets can now transform you into either a crate or a bush and hide your faction’s flag as well!

New SoD Phase 3 Trinkets Hide the Flag in Warsong Gulch

With the arrival of SoD Phase 3, players now have access to two new trinkets: the Bargain Bush and the Empty Supply Crate. As their names imply, the Bargain Bush can transform you into a leafy shrub, while the Empty Supply Crate will transform you into a sturdy wooden box. However, apparently, that’s not their only function. As reported by various players, these trinkets can also hide the flag you carry in the Warsong Gulch.

While unintended, this interaction adds an entertaining twist to the SoD experience. At the time of writing, the fate of this feature is still up in the air. Blizzard has yet to announce any plans regarding its potential removal. Thus, players are currently enjoying the fun it offers for as long as it lasts. For those worried about spotting camouflaged players equipped with these trinkets, make sure your party has a Priest with Mind Vision. They can locate hidden players so the team can reap the flag.

How to Get New SoD Phase 3 Trinkets

To get SoD Phase 3 new trinkets, you need to spend a while to farm for reputation with the DS&L if you are a Horde, and with the ACA if you are an Alliance. By returning the Waylaid Supplies, you will gradually ascend the ranks of reputation with these factions. Thus, unlocking a wide variety of rewards. Upon achieving Honored status, you gain the ability to purchase the Bargain Bush. And when you reach Revered, you become eligible to buy the Empty Supply Crate.

Have you had the opportunity to experiment with the Bargain Bush and the Empty Supply Crate yet? Share your experiences and opinions in the comments!

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