WoW TBC Gold Farming Guide

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Gold farming has always been one of the biggest problems for many players in WoW. Someone feels a serious lack of desire to do this hard job, while someone simply doesn’t have enough patience, as it seems to be too boring and monotonous. The first ones can solve this problem easily by buying some WoW gold, while the second ones may finally find this farm fun after reading a Burning Crusade gold guide!

First steps

First of all a player should fulfill some basic requirements. They may seem strange for WoW veterans… But not that obvious even for those who started playing in Cataclysm.

While today huge amounts of gold can easily be farmed through the way towards the cap level, reaching level 70 is too important for that purpose in TBC. It unlocks the option of learning to ride a flying mount, many hot spots of mob farming, dungeons with expensive treasures and simply a more safe way of traveling the dangerous world of Outland. That is crucial for this WoW’s era, especially if you’d know that feeling when a Fel Reaver interrupts your peaceful process of gathering.


Gathering professions are worthy to be the first in the list. One of the most profitable professions in TBC is Herbalism, especially if you are a druid who achieves flying travel form on the cap level and may gather precious grass without wasting time on getting off your mount. But in fact, all the professions in WoW TBC classic were in this or that way lucrative.

That can be said about Mining, which became even more valuable due to the introduction of a new profession, Jewelcrafting. Tailoring is especially appreciated for the possibility to sell 16 slot bags — in the times of TBC it was a thing that everybody would want to have on his or her every character. Besides, the Nagrand became one of the most famous locations of the Burning Crusade not only due to its stunning views, but also because of the vast choice of beasts to hunt for skinning. The skin of many Outland’s beasts can be used for Drums of War and Speer, or mail and leather items crafted by leatherworkers.

Engineering remains to be a fun profession in PVP. Apart from selling grenades engineers have received a possibility to create and sell Flying Machines. Blacksmiths are not that lucky in the gold farms, but still their temporary weapon and armor buffs will find their place in the Auction. Besides, TBC is the expansion that brought Disenchanting into a game! This only fact plus many chants to craft and receive gold for chanting one’s items is quite enough for Enchanting to be a valuable profession in Burning Crusade Classic.

Although be careful, as many of these professions involve a choice of inner specialization. That can seriously intervene in your Napoleonic plans like making extra gold on being both Elixir and Transmute master as an Alchemist. You must choose one and choose wisely, as there is a payment for changing specializations. If you really are into gold farming in WoW TBC, you’d better think about taking two gathering professions instead.

Finally, your choice may be influenced by some other circumstances. Different specializations’ crafting requires to be around a certain instrument in some particular location. And don’t forget about secondary professions! They won’t bring tons of gold but will definitely save you some that is always spent on food for raids and dungeons.


By the way, about dungeons! Of course they are not the best place for a gold farm in WoW TBC, but an essential loot can be found at the corpse of nearly every demon of the Outland’s dungeon. Reagents for craft, items for reputation farm like Marks of Kil’Jaeden, finally, different BoE epic items.

A risky option is to start a so-called solo-AOE farm in dungeons that are filled with mobs like Shattered Halls. Not every class can endure such a challenge, and apart from the obvious chance to weaken nerves it can also endanger much of your gold savings that can be spent on repair due to the wrong choice of farm strategy. But people in WoW TBC Classic are often risky when it comes to gold.

And who can ever pass by an option to finally avenge your hours of challenging farm in late Classic dungeons? Someone can still turn loot and reagents from Scholomance into gold in WoW TBC. Who knows, maybe you will become that inventive and happy guy?


Daily quests must become one more important stimulus for you to take care about secondary professions. For instance, because there are fishing dailies in Terokkar forest. Well, the fish that you catch is still not that expensive, but the most precious reward is a Bag of Fishing Treasures. Who knows what lies in it today and how it will help to unexpectedly make gold in the Burning Crusade?

Number of dailies in TBC is enormous. It has even grown with the opening of Isle of Quel’Danas, and will grow further while you farm reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive. But the number of dailies to complete every day is actually restricted by 10, excluding professional ones. Nevertheless, the possible reward is around a few hundreds of gold — and that’s without calculating your luck to sell something that dropped in process.

Someone may say that the most effective way of this gold farming type in Burning Crusade is to do dailies given by Ogri’la and Sha’Tari Skyguard. But the strategy must be elaborated individually, as it depends on your game’s preferences: if you have someone to do this job together, how much gold do you actually need and even what location will suit your other needs better. You could’ve simply got tired of Blade Edge’s Mountains — then why torture yourself by returning there just because the farm can be a little bit quicker?!

Primal Elements

Finally, a sort of legend must be told. The most hot spots for farming gold are usually considered those places, where Motes can be farmed. Motes of Fire, Mana, Shadow and others. They are very valued, as the Primal Elements made of them are used in various crafting. Farming them is believed to be the easiest way to gain the biggest number of gold per hour, but that is only half of the truth.

Another half is a possibility that all the spots with mobs dropping these motes are full not of mobs, but of players that also farm them. Maybe even players from other factions, who can farm you. But the legend tells of the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor that can extract certain kinds of motes from gas clouds all over the Outland!… Unfortunately, it is made by engineers and only for engineers. And that makes this legend both grim and bright.

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