Fastest Leveling in Wrath of the Lich King

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About a month ago, Blizzard announced the launch of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. It is one of the greatest World of Warcraft expansions, and is eagerly awaited by millions of players worldwide. Champions of Azeroth will have to go to Northrend, go through leveling and fight back against the scourge, led by the Lich King himself.

Biggest expansion features:

First heroic class — the Death Knight;

Level cap increased — journey up to level 80;

New continent — Northrend.

Once again, your path leads you through the frosty lands of Northrend. Your memories of the expansion might be warming, yet in reality you will face against undeath itself and it’s not going to be welcoming at all.

WotLK Best Classes for Leveling

Perhaps the biggest question tormenting players that are going to return to WoW purely for Wrath, is what class they should play. Classes differ in leveling speed, survivability, and mobility.

The TOP-5 classes that are perfect for leveling:

1. Death Knight — everyone and their mother knows that Wrath was all about the Death Knights. Death Knight were at their peak, being virtually unkillable, while dishing out insane amounts of damage. Self-sustaining tanks, with potential to outdamage DPS classes – what’s not to like here? -The only downside is a total lack of mobility;

2. Paladin — counterpart to Death Knight – the warrior of Light. If Paladins undergo the same changes they had the first time Wrath was around, then the Paladins will once again become the unkillable machines that they used to be. And we really want to be unkillable, since the less time spent of corpse runs means the more time leveling away;

3. Hunter and Warlock — the pet classes take this spot due to them having pocket-tanks in their pets. Pets hold the aggro, you don’t get hit – you don’t die and not dying is really good as we previously stated;

4. Druid — the Jack of all trades. Druid has it all – survivability, mobility, damage output – you name it. However it is worth noting that although Druid is great for leveling, they lack in endgame, due to being a master of none of their strengths;

5. Mage — perfect class for min-maxers. Mage makes is into the list due the broken nature of their AoEs and being able to grind levels at an incredible speed via trash mobs in dungeons, however that requires immense skill and certainly not an option for beginners.

This list is not a rule book of any sorts, and you should play whichever class you find most suitable for you. We just wanted to show you some of the more prominent options.

On the side note, if you are already playing TBC Classic, then you are going to have a great time in Wrath, due to endgame epics from TBC being massively overpowered. You’ll probably need to switch your gear by the time you’ll make it to Icecrown and not earlier.

Power Leveling from 68 to 80

You can go to Northrend at level 68, and you are free to choose where you want to advance on Northrend first. You can start conquering the frigid lands from the West, in the Borean Tundra, or from the East, by landing on Howling Fjord. Whichever side you choose, leveling up to 80 will take you on a journey to the heart of Northrend, the Icecrown. Let’s go over locations one by one, to refresh our memories and choose a leveling path.

Borean Tundra (67-72) — It’s the location Blizzard wants you to go first, due to ships sailing here from the main cities of each faction. True to its namesake it is actually a tundra, with mossy terrain and oil fields. You’ll be going from one hub to another here, meeting new friends, foes and surviving scourge assault firsthand.

Howling Fjord (67-72) The alternate start to your Northrend journey. Here you will meet Vrykuls, and this place is a must-see if you’re into WoW’s lore. Quests here are generally more entertaining than the ones found in Borean Tundra, but not necessary faster in completion.

Dragonblight (72-73) — resting place of the Galakrond, the progenitor of Dragonkind. Home to Wyrmrest Temple. Quests here see the champions advance on scourge, make friends with Dragonflights and finish the business with the Scarlet Onslaught.

Grizzly Hills (73-75) — home to Northrend’s World Tree. Questing here feels distant from the rest of the continent, due to it being less focused on the scourge. Worth noting that this location is beloved just as much as the original Nagrand purely for its breathtaking scenery.

Zul’Drak (75-77) — Drakkari Trolls home turf. Now it is overrun by the scourge. Quests here will take you through a few plotlines, from infiltrating Necropoli floating above the zone to discovering the secrets of Drakkari Loas. There’s also the infamous Amphitheater of Anguish – arena with a series of quests requiring you to take down dungeon boss level enemies. The latter questline is not recommended for leveling though.

Storm Peaks (77-79) — yet another location that drops a lore bomb on you. Here you will learn about the Titans, Watchers, Old Gods, the Curse of Flesh, the creation of Azeroth to some degree and more. Very popular location due to it being the habitat of the Time-Lost Proto Drake.

Sholazar Basin (77-79) This location is famous for yet another Hemet Nesingwary questline that will see you slaughter hundreds of local animals. Highly unrecommended to level here, if speed is your goal.

Icecrown (79-80) — The frozen heart of Northrend, where the Lich King awaits. Questing here requires you to be able to fly in Northrend due to quest hubs being your faction’s airships.

It is better to open all the flight paths as early as possible, because they are useful in the later game stages. Don’t forget to set your hearthstone at Dalaran. Do all quests to get your initial reputation with factions faster.

Fast Leveling from 1 to 68

Classic Era players see no difficulty here and go straight to Northrend locations. Beginners have to go through many challenges, including the long journey through Azeroth and Outland. Throughout the entire fast leveling, it is necessary to inflict the maximum damage and keep up with the others. So just regularly visit the trainer at 6, 10, 15, 25, 40, 50, 60 and 70 lvls.

Process itself will become much easier, as the amount of experience required before WotLK locations will be reduced, and the heirlooms will appear. Just do all the quests in a row to 58 in Azeroth, then travel to Outland and get the desired 68 there. Be careful after level 30, because that’s when the factions meet and the constant battles begin. If you want to level up as quickly as possible, avoid all sorts of PvP fights.

WotLK Leveling Useful Tips

Dungeon finder system will be removed and leveling will be most effective either in a group with friends, where you constantly go from one dungeon to another, or alone when questing. WotLK is still one of the hardest expansions, so we gathered some useful tips to help you reach lvl 80 as quickly as possible:

1. Find a class guide. This is very important, because talents need to be allocated correctly from level 10. Guides always tell you when you should visit a trainer and what abilities you should learn;

2. Join a guild or call your friends. The game has a lot of quests that can’t be done without other player’s help. The same applies to dungeons. There is no LFG, so you have to find and gather the group yourself;

3. It is worth downloading addons to help navigate with the right quests. Simple examples: Questie/Quest Helper — shows where to accept and how to complete quests, what they require, and other details. Cromulent — shows the enemy’s levels in Northrend locations. Do not forget about QuickLayer, which allows you to change server layers.

4. Get decent gear in TBC Classic. This allows you to start a journey to Northrend much faster and more comfortably. You don’t have to complete raid content, but a level 70 character geared up with some dungeon or reputation epics can surely get you an initial advantage;

5. Use auction house and professions. Starting an expansion is always the best way to earn more gold. Take gathering professions and sell resources at the auction as you level up. By level 80 you will already have several thousands, which is a good base.

6. Do the dungeons at least once. There’s always some quests in them with good experience and a possibility to get a gear up a little;

7. Fight the opposite faction only when it’s necessary. Which is never, in the leveling phase. The longer you are alive – the longer you are doing quests and leveling up;

8. Go all the way as DPS spec. If there are plans to play as a tank or healer, it’s worth putting them aside, otherwise the leveling speed decreases significantly.

9. Sometimes leveling is boring and tedious, and there is simply not enough time. If that’s the case, you can use boosting services, where professionals will take care of your character and get you ready for the endgame in the shortest possible time.

10. Get Northrend flying ASAP. Simple as day, this will make your journey many times easier

Remember that process should bring pleasure in the first place, and only then the competitive spirit. Be prepared, as WotLK will literally explode. Servers will be overcrowded because of the large influx of players. It’s worth thinking a few times about which server to begin your journey on before you start leveling. Ironforge portal will help you determine the realms population.

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