Fan-Made Cataclysm Classic Armory with 3D Character Preview

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In need of a Cataclysm Classic Armory? Redditor lowpoly_nomad has got your back covered. And you can even preview your character in 3D!

Fan-Made Cataclysm Classic Armory with 3D Character Preview

Remember Redditor lowpoly_nomad? Back in January, this dedicated gamer created a SoD Armory for fans. Now, they’re back with exciting news. Their WoW Classic Armory site has been updated to support Cataclysm Classic as well.

The updated Armory link addon allows you to conveniently generate a copy-paste link to characters’ armory profiles by simply right-clicking on them in-game. And to add, you can now easily track the Wintergrasp and Tol Barad events, thanks to the newly integrated timers and push notifications:

“These timers support push notifications, and have associated discord channel notifications so you can follow them in your own discord servers as well.”

— lowpoly_nomad

Regarding the Auction House, a price tracker has been integrated into the Cataclysm armory. Now, you have the ability to track item prices, enabling you to make more informed decisions when browsing the Auction House.

However, it’s important to note that while most features work smoothly, there are known issues with the 3D character preview for Worgen and Goblin characters. Other than that, lowpoly_nomad is actively seeking feedback on the Cataclysm Classic Armory and is open to suggestions for additional tools. So, don’t hesitate to comment in their Reddit thread to voice your opinion!

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