Controversial: No More Righteous Orbs in SoD Phase 3

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There will be no more Righteous Orbs in SoD Phase 3. However, it seems Blizzard has yet to remove the Orbs from players’ inventory.

Controversial: No More Righteous Orbs in SoD Phase 3

Righteous Orbs are essential ingredients for the powerful Crusader Enchantment, widely regarded as the top choice for melee weapons. Yet, following Blizzard’s recent hotfix, obtaining Righteous Orbs in SoD Phase 3 is no longer an option. According to the developers, the orbs will only become available again once Phase 4 arrives.

Blizzard has yet to remove these orbs from players’ inventories at the moment of writing. So, players who acquired these orbs earlier can now sell them for significantly higher prices than before. As for those who successfully enchanted their weapons with Crusader, they now hold a considerable advantage over others. After all, said Enchantment power far exceeds what is intended for Phase 3 content.

Needless to say, the WoW community is in an uproar. Countless requests have flooded Blizzard’s direction, urging them to remove all Righteous Orbs from players’ inventories. Despite this outcry, there has yet to be any new development regarding the matter thus far.

What’s your take on this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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