WoW Classic Hardcore: HC Elite Raid Group Wiped by Troll

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WoW Classic Hardcore: HC Elite Raid Group Wiped by Troll

WoW Classic Hardcore guild HC Elite found themselves grappling with the devastating loss of 36 of their level 60 members. Almost an entire raid group was wiped clean by the actions of a cunning and professional troll.

It all happened during the fight against the Four Horsemen in Naxxramas. As part of the strategy, players had to form smaller groups and disperse across the area. Their goal was to lure the bosses to separate corners and defeat them simultaneously. Thus, preventing them from empowering each other. However, this encounter took an unexpected turn when the culprit of our story entered the scene. 

His name was Tinyviolin, a warrior that literally hailed from the Troll lineage. He was tasked with tanking Sir Zeliek in his assigned corner. Yet, at some point, he led the boss into another corner where another horseman awaited. Thus, resulting in a significant power boost for the boss. Immediately, a portion of the raid participants fell to their demise. This triggered a chain reaction leading to the tragic loss of 36 out of the 40 raid members. You can watch it for yourself via either of these links:

When confronted by the raid members later on, Tinyviolin expressed remorse. He said that he made a mistake with the positioning. But his words failed to convince his former comrades. Skepticism prevailed, and it wasn’t without reason. For further insights into this incident, check out the video below, where CalamityHC shed more light on the situation.

As it turns out, this event was not a random occurrence but the final stage of a carefully orchestrated scheme. After all, Tinyviolin is actually a renowned WoW Classic Hardcore griefer.

He infiltrated the guild, gradually building trust and camaraderie over the course of a year. All until he could betray them in a move no one could have foreseen. Every action taken by the troll was deliberate and premeditated. And there is nothing as “a mistake with the positioning” as he had previously claimed. 

In addition, certain players recalled previous instances when he had purposely caused trouble for them. For example, removing World buffs from other characters right before the raid’s entrance. Yet, until they discovered his true face, it was all too late.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the relentless and unforgiving nature of WoW Hardcore Classic. It illuminates the presence of lurking threats at every turn, as they may even emerge from within your own team. As a result, players must remain vigilant and prepared for any situation. 

It’s undoubtedly devastating for those who unfortunately lost their level 60 characters. Nevertheless, it’s truly impressive to see a player who sacrificed countless hours of intense gameplay, both of themselves and others, all driven by motivations that perhaps only the truest villains of the villains can comprehend.

Leeroy Jenkins must be proud of his successor.

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