Cataclysm Classic: Fans’ Favorite Guild Perks Will Be Removed

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Blizzard revealed that two fans’ favorite guild perks will be removed in Cataclysm Classic. 

Cataclysm Classic: Fans' Favorite Guild Perks Will Be Removed

In the original Cataclysm expansion, players could obtain two valuable perks thanks to the Guild Level system: 

At level 15, Mages could unlock the Cash Flow perk, granting them an additional 10% of looted money directly deposited into their guild bank. Meanwhile, Warlocks gained access to Have Group, Will Travel at level 20. This ability allowed them to summon all members of a raid or party to their current location. The summon couldn’t be initiated during combat and was restricted to outdoor areas or near the entrances of dungeons and raids. Nevertheless, it significantly simplified the travel process for all players.

Guild Perks Will Be Removed: Cash Flow and Have Group, Will Travel

Cataclysm Classic: Fans' Favorite Guild Perks Will Be Removed

The two perks were undeniably convenient. However, players gearing up for the Cata Classic experience will no longer be able to benefit from them. After all, Blizzard has decided to get rid of the Guild Level system altogether. And so, it seems the heroes of Azeroth will have to find new ways for group travel and currency farming. 

Needless to say, the community is divided. Some players support the removal of both perks. Others mourn the loss of unique features that defined the Cataclysm experience. Meanwhile, the rest support the removal of one perk and not the other. After all, both perks come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

For instance, the Cash Flow perk was criticized for inflating the economy and placing guild-less players at a disadvantage compared to guild members. Yet, at the same time, it still assisted guilds in providing essential consumables for raids and other activities. 

As for Have Group, Will Travel, it was a convenient way to gather your raid. However, the perk was marred by issues of imbalance. In the past, players could exploit it to swiftly relocate raid groups to strategic points in PvP activities, catching opponents off guard. Picture this: you’re focused on your objectives when suddenly, an entire raid appears out of nowhere and sends you straight to the Spirit Healer while they effortlessly capture your point. 

That said, what do you think about this change? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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