Cataclysm Classic Beta Is Live: Known Issues

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Cataclysm Classic Beta is live. Finally, it’s time to test out what the next WoW Classic expansion has in store!

Cataclysm Classic Beta Is Live: Known Issues

Spring has come, and so has the closed Beta of Cataclysm Classic. Although delayed, the testing phase for the next chapter in WoW Classic is now officially underway, starting March 8, 2024. Are you interested in participating? There’s still time to sign up:

“Players can tackle this milestone expansion again with new quality-of-life changes, including a faster content cadence, improved leveling experience, expanded Collections UI, and more!”

— Blizzard Entertainment

Although Cataclysm Classic Beta is live, please note that the following content is not available for testing:

There are, of course, many bugs waiting to be discovered. At the moment, only the following issues are known to Blizzard:

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