Cata Classic: Personalize Worgen and Human Forms Separately

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In Cataclysm Classic, you will have the chance to customize your Worgen and Human forms separately.

Cata Classic: Personalize Worgen and Human Forms Separately

Last night, a fresh build was released to the beta test realms of Cataclysm Classic. No major new features were introduced. However, there was quite a delightful departure from the original Cataclysm. Players noticed that Worgen now has the ability to customize their human and beast forms separately:

Back in 2010, this wasn’t possible, as the beast form’s appearance mirrored that of the human form. While this is a welcoming change for many, it has also sparked concerns among some. They expressed that such modifications deviate from the Classic spirit, which aims to preserve the original versions in their unaltered state.

What about you? Do you like this change? Or do you prefer a pure WoW Classic experience devoid of any modifications? Share your opinions with us in the comments below!

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