How to Get Wish Ender in Destiny 2 in 2024

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Wish Ender Quest

Starting to play Destiny 2, you may be surprised at how much content this game has for beginners. Many add-ons have different story missions, quests, loot, and unlockable abilities. At the same time, when buying the Forsaken Pack, you may not even know you are getting access to one secret Exotic — Wish-Ender. In today’s article, we’ll tell you whether it’s worth getting it and how you can do it without any problems. Sit back and relax. We’re flying to Dreaming City!

Should I get the Wish Ender bow in Destiny 2?

Wish-Ender is undoubtedly one of the best bows and Exotics in Destiny 2. One of the important reasons is that this weapon has one of the highest damages in the game, which allows you to almost two-shot major opponents in endgame activities, and has anti-barrier arrows. Moreover, the Exotic perk Wish-Ender allows you to see enemies through walls when aiming, which is very useful for Destiny 2 beginners. Unfortunately, the Wish-Ender Catalyst does not exist in the game and players have been asking Bungie for a few years now to add it to this bow.

This bow is incredibly effective in PvE, and playing with it on a gamepad is a pleasure. In PvP, it could be better, and Le Monarque surpasses it in everything there. So, the answer to your question: yes, Wish-Ender is worth getting for PvE.

How to get Wish Ender

How To Get Wish Ender Quest and Complete It

First, you must obtain the Wish-Ender Quest, which you can find by looking for Petra Venj in the Dreaming City. Previously, you needed to pass two encounters in Shattered Throne and reach a particular statue. With the release of Season 22, you have to immediately defeat three Taken Bosses in different locations. If you’ve already gone through the Dungeon and know its mechanics, you can scroll right to the Dreaming Tokens Activation point, as it’s through these that you’ll get the bow.

Wish Ender Guide

Shattered Throne First Encounter

Shattered Throne is an incredibly effortless Dungeon, even for solo runs. That’s evident from the first encounter, where the only problem could be with navigation, which the map below can help with.

All you must do here is move between different rooms with symbols, destroying the mobs and bosses that appear there. After all enemies are eliminated, an animal symbol indicates the next destination point, and you can find it on that same map. You can tell whether you’ve arrived or not by the symbol on the wall or by the radar, which will point to the newly appeared enemies. After clearing each room, the flying bird symbol from the beginning will appear. Return to the opening, destroy all living things, and the stage is completed. You are one step closer to earning the Destiny 2 Wish-Ender.

Running Sequence

Next is the Running Sequence, and you are given the following choices: ignore all mobs and run to the end, or destroy everyone in a row, prolonging your time. Essentially, if you’re playing as an Arc Warlock/Titan or a Hunter with invisibility, you can quickly run through everyone and forget about your troubles. However, we recommend taking a Sniper Rifle and a Rocket Launcher to eliminate ogres and some snipers.

Second Encounter — Ogre Boss

The Ogre boss fight is also easy because all you have to do to begin the DPS Phase is to run around the room, destroy four witches, pick up buffs from them, and put buffs into one of the bowls on the sides of the room. After that, the ogre’s shield will disappear, releasing a pack of projectiles you must destroy not to die. Once you’ve done that, attack the boss with rockets or Lament, and dealing with him in one phase is more than possible.

Dreaming Tokens Activation

Bungie made the quest easier and got rid of Dreaming Tokens entirely. The probability of breaking the receipt of the bow is gone, which is good news. Once again, we remind you to take the Hunter’s Remembrance quest from Petra Venj and defeat three secret bosses in Shattered Throne to get Wish-Ender in Destiny 2. The steps remain the same, so you don’t have to worry about the relevance of the info.

Now you can start rerunning the Dungeon, as you require to perform particular actions to activate them. We will leave text explanations for each Boss and a video for a clear demonstration.

Instead of Dreaming Token of Querim, now you have to destroy the Minotaur at the first stage (Erebus). After the sign appears, run to the left and jump onto the giant statue via the stones, from which jump forward to the temple’s second floor. There you’ll find a Relic, which needs to be carried to the opposite floor and placed into the statue. After that, two bosses will spawn, and you have to defeat them. We want to note that hitting with these Relics is not recommended, as it often gets knocked out of your hands, and everything has to be started over.

Next, you have to complete the Descent step. First, you need to reach the room with abysses and ogres. At the very beginning of this location, you can find a Relic. Yet, before taking it, we recommend clearing all the mobs up to the last ogre. Afterward, return to the Relic and carry it to the statue on the right side of the room.

Right after this, go to the phase with the Slowed debuff. You will see a passage on the right side of the room, where the Relic is right there. Take it and run to the end of the stage down to the descent, where you need to insert it immediately into the statue on the right. Just be careful and do everything possible not to die, as a restart can break the quest execution and not open the door for completing the step, so you’ll have to go through everything again. 

After that, there should be an open door in front of you, where you need to destroy all Takens and the Captain that appears there. You will complete the second step of the quest as soon as you do this.

All that remains is to finish the Eleusinia step and come back to Petra Venj to complete the new Wish-Ender quest. Go to the Ogre Encounter and do everything as during a regular run. As soon as you deposit the buffs from all the Witches, a Taken Vex will appear at the end of the right part of the room, and after taking it down, a Relic will appear. Take it and carry it to the statue, almost at the beginning of the left part of the boss room. Defeat the Ogre, and talk to the Sjur Eido statue, and Exotic bow is yours!

Last Words

Now we can congratulate you, because now you know how to complete the Wish-Ender Quest in 2024! If you enjoyed this guide, like it and comment because we need to know if we can improve it somehow. In case you can’t get this bow and everyone refuses to help you, we offer the Wish-Ender Service, which guarantees its receiving in the shortest possible time!

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.

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