What Is Going On with The Final Shape Release Date?

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What Is Going On with The Final Shape Release Date

The last couple of weeks were wild for the Destiny 2 community. Besides the terrible events with Bungie layoffs, rumors suggest that the release of The Final Shape (TFS) expansion has been delayed. However, the studio is not in a hurry to announce the delay.

The old TFS release date for February was mentioned in the recent Season of the Wish teaser press release. As we know from Jason Schreier’s information, The Final Shape will be postponed until June, which contradicts Bungie’s official statements. Many still don’t know who to trust and where the truth is hidden. So, let’s consider all the evidence to see if the next major expansion might be delayed.

Information from the Developers Themselves

Jason Schreier, a highly respected journalist known for his investigations and connections in the gaming industry, contacted former employees after the layoffs at Bungie to find out everything. They report about the DLC’s postponement to June and that it is currently in a state with room to improve.

Paul Tassi from Forbes also confirmed Schreier’s info in his articles about the layoffs. Moreover, after reading his piece, it becomes clear that the developers possibly wanted the delay to make TFS the best expansion in the history of Destiny 2.

After a recent press release, Jason still insists that the postponement will happen, as in the tweet below. And we don’t think the developers would lie to a Bloomberg journalist even out of resentment over the layoffs.


Strange Changes on Destiny 2’s Twitter Account

Recently, there were strange changes on the Destiny 2 The Game X (Twitter), specifically in the Bio. In particular, Destiny 2 developers removed information about the TFS release date, but as soon as DestinyTracker noticed, everything was restored. However, this may not have been related to the delay, and this change occurred when they tried to add another description with info about the Festival of the Lost.

The Final Shape Delay

New Inscription on the Bungie Site

Yesterday, on Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s product page, an inscription directly indicated one thing — a postponement is inevitable. In short, at the bottom of the page, it now says: “Dates and content subject to change.” We can see the message as a direct message from the developers. The upcoming expansion will be released later than February and it may become even more prominent.

The Final Shape Site
(Old and new page. Source: Bungie)

Final Thoughts on The Final Shape Delay

In conclusion, postponements are always sad. However, sometimes they are necessary to prevent a weak product like Lightfall.

Moreover, the studio is simply looking for the right time to announce it. A new date should not be made in the Season 23 teaser, not before the launch of the next season, or at any random time. It needs to be carefully planned, and Bungie wants to make a plan for the period between February and June to show players fresh content in the game during this time.

We’ll return to this topic only when the studio announces the date when TFS will come out. The main thing is to be prepared for it.

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